“I love you.”

Now, let me start by saying that many men do mean it when they tell you, “I love you.”

So, there is a chance that if the man you are dating says he loves you, he truly means it.

What I want to help you discover is how to know a man is lying if he says, “I love you.” Here are a few ways to find out:

His actions don’t match up with his words. If he says he loves you, but he isn’t making you a priority, he isn’t paying any attention to your feelings, and he isn’t introducing you to any of his friends or family – he may just be saying he loves you as a way to keep sleeping with you.

If he continually lies to you, cheats on you, and abuses you emotionally or physically, he doesn’t love you.

And you should never be with a man who treats you this way – even if YOU do love him. Remember, you always have to love yourself first. Loving yourself requires letting go of toxic people who make you feel unworthy.

You deserve a high-quality man who says they love you and shows you with actions every day.
It’s hard for women to imagine a man can say “I love you” and not mean it without feeling racked with guilt.

Info-Warriors To Battle Stations

December 3, 2020
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The unit that will be leading this operation are the renowned 77th Brigade.

The 77th Brigade has been mobilised to conduct information warfare and was initially conceived to assist in operations against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

The covert unit often works in cohesion with psychological operations teams within the army.

The 77th Brigade is a unit that combines the Army and Army Reserves for the purpose of non-lethal warfare and behavioural influence. The unit is currently based at Denison Barracks in Berkshire.

It bills itself as “an agent of change” that uses “targeted information” activity and online outreach to assist with military objectives.

The use of psychological operations to influence the narrative across social media platforms to ensure that the general conversation reflects the desired viewpoint is a powerful tool.

Throughout 2020 the 77th Brigade has been coordinating with the Cabinet Office to counter ‘misinformation’ related to Covid-19.

It is interesting to note that the recently appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Covid Vaccine Deployment, Nadhim Zahawi, is the co-founder of YouGov.

Targeting online polls is a specific method of psychological impression, as when people see their view is not the common understanding of reality, they may begin to reassess their opinion on a specific topic.

The interpretation of who is deemed to be an “anti-vaccine militant” is subjective, and there is certainly a wide scope for the abuse of such operations.

Authorities have their own distorted idea of what constitutes ‘propaganda’ – and the damning label can potentially be slapped on anyone who dares to raise concerns about the imminent vaccines that have been developed within an unprecedented timeframe.

Critiquing or even questioning any potential side effects or the motives behind the vaccine could result in the abolition of your name from the internet. The irony of calling this an operation against “propaganda content” must not be lost on those who are executing it.

Such an operation is an attempt to control free speech, it is an extraordinarily dangerous precedent to set and the death of debate is a very slippery slope.

Sliding into a dictatorial state where people cannot oppose the authorities’ actions or plans leaves us all at risk of losing our fundamental human right to freedom of speech.

What Claims Have Been Made Against Gates?

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Numerous posts on social media allege that the Microsoft co-founder created SARS-CoV-2 to profit from it or to control the world’s population by inserting minuscule microchips when administering the inoculation against coronavirus. Other claims the virus was designed to “solve” the issue with overpopulation and that the vaccine against the disease will kill more people.

Gates has been at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate the disease. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation s – has given $250 million to laboratories around the world to study COVID-19 and develop vaccines against the infectious disease. It sent $1.6 billion to Gavi, an organisation that supplies poor countries with different inoculations.

Despite the World Health Organization releasing a statement saying SARS-CoV-2 is of animal origin and not man-made, conspiracy theories about the disease continue to circulate online and people who believe in them often resort to action.

In Britain, 77 5G masts – which according to one popular conspiracy theory infect people with COVID-19 – were burned. Arson attacks on mobile towers were staged in other parts of the world, including the United States, Europe and Russia.

“But do people really believe that stuff?” Gates asked during the interview with Reuters. “We’re really going to have to get educated about this over the next year and understand .. how does it change peoples’ behaviour and how should we have minimised this?”


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Vaccines against coronavirus will kill more people than the disease itself. What, you haven’t heard? It’s probably because you don’t spend a lot of time on social media reading wild conspiracy theories about the pandemic and the unholy people, who masterminded it. Supporters of these theories claim Bill Gates is one of those cunning people.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he is thunderstruck by the amount of coronavirus-related conspiracy theories which have been spread about him and US top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci. Speaking with Reuters, the software developer-turned-philanthropist said he wants to learn what is driving these conspiracy theories, which Gates branded “crazy” and “evil”.

“Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories. I’m very surprised by that. I hope it goes away,” he told Reuters.

Gates himself believes that the combination of fear and the prolonged use of social media resulted in wild theories about the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am going to leave her for you.”

First of all, a high-quality man would never cheat on his girlfriend or spouse. So you should already know the man you are seeing isn’t the type of guy you’d want to settle down with.

After all, if he is cheating WITH you, what’s going to stop him from cheating on you in the future?

That being said – rarely will a married man or a man with a long-term partner leave her for you.

The convulsions show the risks of rushed vaccine development

Thursday, January 28, 2021
by: Ramon Tomey
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BioNTech co-founder Dr. Ugur Sahin said last year that he designed the BNT162b2 vaccine for Pfizer in just a few hours. Meanwhile, Moderna’s vaccine took two days to design. The Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed fast-tracked the development of both jabs, until such time that both received emergency use approval. These were subsequently used to vaccinate health care workers and nursing home residents.

However, the rushed development of the vaccines came at the price of safety. (Related: Trump questions more stringent FDA guidelines for Operation Warp Speed coronavirus vaccines.)

The Food and Drug Administration revealed in a report that four volunteers who got the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine developed Bell’s palsy. The condition causes one side of the face to be paralyzed: However, it usually goes away on its own. While the American regulator did not say the jab directly caused Bell’s palsy in the volunteers, it nevertheless warned doctors to watch out for the adverse reaction.

Two health workers injected with the Pfizer/BioNTech Wuhan coronavirus jab in mass vaccination programs died sometime after immunization.

Miami obstetrician Dr. Gregory Michael died 16 days after being vaccinated. Michael’s wife Heidi Neckelmann said his death “was 100 percent linked to the vaccine.” The 56-year-old doctor died of a hemorrhagic stroke after developing a rare autoimmune disease that prevented his blood from clotting.

Earlier, Portuguese health worker Sonia Acevedo died a mere two days after getting the Pfizer jab. The 48-year-old mother of one did not report any major symptoms aside from the “normal” discomfort in the injection site, her daughter said. Sonia’s father Abilio Acevedo received a call that his daughter was found dead the morning of Jan. 1.

Meanwhile, the Moderna jab almost took the life of Boston Medical Center’s Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh. The physician experienced a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine just minutes after getting it. Sadrzadeh needed medical intervention at the soonest despite using an auto-injector pen as his blood pressure dropped dramatically.

He was admitted to the emergency room on Dec. 24, with doctors administering anti-allergy medication and steroids to him. Sadrzadeh eventually felt normal the next day, saying what he experienced after the Wuhan coronavirus vaccination was the worst allergic reaction he had since he was 11 years old.

Mapped: Coronavirus global deaths pass 1m

Chiara Giordano
Tuesday 31 March 2020
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In an update on its website, UK Power Networks said it was “postponing lower priority work” but that all essential work would continue “including fixing power cuts on the rare occasions they happen”.

In the event an engineer needs to enter a home to restore power, they will wear protective equipment, stay in a different room from people who are infected or self-isolating, and avoid touching surfaces, the power distributor said.

It added: “Put simply, our top two priorities are the safety of our staff and customers and keeping the lights on, so that essential services are provided to our communities and that today’s high-tech lifestyles can continue.”

Nicola Shaw, UK executive director for National Grid, has insisted no one should be concerned about their energy supply as more of us stay at home.

She added: “In fact, demand across the country is expected to reduce; largely owing to a decrease in energy use from industrial consumers, which is likely to be greater than the increase in domestic demand as people stay at home.”

Other energy firms, including Electricity North West and Western Power Distribution, have reassured customers they have “extensive and robust” plans to minimise impact on them.

While ScottishPower Energy Networks said it had “special measures” in place to protect power supply for “critical national infrastructure and public service sites; including hospitals, nursing homes, food supply chain businesses, Ministry of Defence sites and prisons”.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) reassured customers the network is operating as it should.

Chief executive David Smith said: “We have one of the most reliable electricity networks in the world, supported by stringent contingency plans and a workforce of 36,000 people.”

Video: Tucker Carlson: Why are thousands of federal troops still in Washington?

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Video: Covid-19 Lockdown Casualty-Loyalty

Jan 23, 2021

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“I don’t believe in labels.”

Have you been dating a guy for months or maybe even years who refuses to call you his girlfriend?

If his reason is that he doesn’t believe in labels, he is most certainly lying.

Men use this lie as an excuse to get away with bad behavior.

As a successful, ambitious woman, you should not put up with a man who doesn’t want to commit to you after you’ve been seeing him for several months.

If he doesn’t want to commit to you after a few months, he won’t do it later down the line either. And he definitely won’t consider marrying you.