What Kind of God Would Do the Following?

Submitted by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 12, 2021 – 15:33.
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As I contemplate what many of the churches will be like as they embrace a perverted interpretation of Romans 13, I am left wondering what kind of God would condone the horrific abuses being perpetrated by the Obama administration? What kind of God would command its religious leaders to simply ignore the American Holocaust which has witnessed the murder of over 50 million American babies, since Roe v. Wade, in 1973? What kind of God would not have its clergy and its followers fail to condemn the bankster controlled wars of American imperialism which have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions of human beings? What kind of God would fail to command his clergy to not speak out and to condemn the actions of the criminals on Wall Street, who inspired only by the love of money, continue their heinous assaults upon humanity in the form of unlabeled poisonous GMO’s, the theft of solvent home mortgages by the mega banks, and the secret detentions and the murder of American citizens under the NDAA.

What kind of God would order his followers to remain silent as the bankster controlled government plans to commence a world war starting with Iran in order to support the preservation of the Petrodollar which will result in the potential death of billions of human beings? In actuality, no God of the Bible would ever command his followers to both enable and to serve the evil which permeates our government. For any church that encourages complete obedience to a corrupt government has taken a big step towards accepting the Mark of the Beast. This is a very dangerous precedent, and this could potentially imperil the salvation of millions if Christians allow this false doctrine to expand across our nation’s churches.

Romans 13 Does Not Equate to the Divine Right of Kings

Submitted by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 12, 2021 – 15:33.
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The modern interpretation of Romans 13 is pure blasphemy. This scripture has been morphed into a doctrine espousing the “Divine Right of Kings” in which God has somehow chosen a king to ruthlessly rule over a people and it is incumbent upon the people to accept their “God-given fate”, The flock are commanded to “…submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” This false interpretation is nothing but a divine coronation of a ruthless, self-serving government and Christians are expected to capitulate and honor the same kind of thievery, lawlessness and murder which inspired Jesus to expel the moneychangers from the Temple.

Who Stands Against Evil?

Submitted by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 12, 2021 – 15:33.
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As bad as things may be, I take comfort in the fact that God will have the final word, on the final day, when he enacts the final judgment. Yet, the very salvation which awaits so many, is increasingly being obscured from so many because many of our religious leaders have been co-opted by the federal government. People sense there is a problem in the church and subsequently, religious affiliation and church attendance are in decline; many of the leaders of our religious institutions can no longer be trusted to preach the word of God versus espousing the new American religious mantra, which is to falsely interpret Romans 13 in which these “new age pastors” are calling for blind obedience to their “God-chosen” governmental leaders.

If Christians Are to Survive, They Must Leave the Church and Form Small Christian Collectives

Submitted by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 12, 2021 – 15:33.
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This is a time of unprecedented evil on this planet. Many Americans are looking for refuge and direction with regard to dealing with these unprecedented times of tyranny. Historically, Americans look to their church for salvation and direction. However, most of today’s churches have been taken over from within by the very evil we fear. Many of your religious leaders have become the newest version of Benedict Arnold with regard to their faith. In short, most 501-C-3 churches do NOT represent God. Judas sold out the savior of humanity, Jesus Christ, for a mere thirty pieces of silver. Today, many religious leaders are selling out their congregations for even less. This is not meant to imply that there are not religious leaders who hold steadfastly to the word of God and stand as a beacon of spiritual and moral courage before their congregations. However, an increasing number of clergy are more interested in serving the dictates of Homeland Security than they are in accurately espousing and exemplifying the word of God. This betrayal by the “earthly” pastors towards the word of God, is precisely what is keeping the church from launching a massive Christian revival that would turn back the evil that has taken over our country.

It could be accurately stated that if the American people and the government were a marriage, there would assuredly be a divorce based on irreconcilable differences. For there to be peace in our time, evil would have to miraculously become good, or good would have continue the present descent into evil. There is no middle ground that can be achieved. One is either a follower of Jesus, or one is a follower of Satan. Unfortunately my friends, you chose to be born at a time in which the most heinous war in the universe is taking place. This is a winner-take-all conflict. There is no such thing as fence-sitting and anyone who attempts to hide under false veil of anonymity will be outed and persecuted and most likely martyred.

There are two distinct directions that the present conflict is going to go. First, there can be a civil war in which victimized citizens, largely referred to as Trump supporters, will be persecuted, ostracized, removed from society and very likely even be genocided when they finally rise up against the tyranny. Or, calmer heads can prevail and the nation is divided between conservative and communist. However, it is not likely that the liberals would ever allow a nation to divide because too many resources would go with the defectors.

Since the Left controls the sources of power, Americans may either face genocide or be forced into a guerilla war of survival, not of their choosing. I think it is likely that we will see both events happening simultaneously. One might ask, is there another option and the answer would be yes! However, that force in waiting would have to be the Christian church, but the church is controlled by the leftist forces who have hijacked our election and successfully committed a coup against the United States.

As I have documented over the past week. Genocide awaits those who will not forsake their Lord and submit to this most unholy tyrannies. Subsequently, the church should the primary agent of resistance. Regrettably, the churches have already failed. When the so-called pandemic hit, churches were closed. If there truly going to be agents of change, they would have formed a resistance effort and remained open. Every Sunday, millions of church goers would defy the law and attend church. These things did indeed happen, however, this type of resistance to tyranny was the exception.

Why did the Churches fail? Many have written about the evils and the subversion of Christian moral courage under the banner of being a tax exempt church. This is not one of the issues of the day, this IS the number one issue in what preventing the total subjugation of the church. When the Left constructed the existence of a controlled-content tax-exempt church, the Left was betting on the selfish and greedy nature of today’s pastors and they were correct. Why is this issue important? If America is going to seek repentance in order that the Lord will provide protection for the believers it has to happen through the church.

The below graphic is the forecast for Wednesday, Feb. 17:

FEBRUARY 12, 2021
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Temperature departures of 20C below the winter average will grip much of North America and Russia, with North Africa and eastern Asia also copping nation-spanning blasts of anomalous cold.

The mercury within the Arctic region itself is forecast to rise above average, but this is an expected phenomenon during times of low solar activity as a weak and wavy “meridional” jet stream flow diverts that frigid polar cold south.

“When solar activity is HIGH, the jet stream is tight and stable and follows somewhat of a straight path. But when solar activity is LOW, that meandering band of air flowing 6 miles above our heads becomes weak and wavy, it effectively buckles which diverts frigid Polar air to atypically low latitudes and replaces it with warmer tropical air


FEBRUARY 12, 2021
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Low temperatures records have been tumbling across the planet of late, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere — North America, Europe, and Asia have each logged thousands of new cold records this winter, and now the situation looks set to intensify even further…

Latest GFS runs show a hemisphere-wide hyperborean invasion starting now and running all of next week, with brutal Arctic air masses occupying the majority of the mid-latitudes by Monday, Feb. 15.


In Explosive Topics

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The economy is crashing its all by design to bring in the 4th industrial revolution martial law and the new world order. There is no conspiracy open your eyes and see whats going on around you , you will not have to look far. You will not have to look far at all – This is the ends times and a time of great change is upon the earth.

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Bill Gates says we must restrict online ‘anti-vaccine’ information to get more people to take the shot

By Shepard Ambellas
February 12, 2021 | 6:27 am
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“I hope these conspiracy theories will go away — I don’t know what this will mean for the future”

American business magnate Bill Gates appeared on Veritasium last Thursday where he said information that counters mainline vaccine rhetoric must be squelched to get more people to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Microsoft CEO said he wants to limit free speech and made it clear that a group of experts should get involved and figure out a way to “slow down” the speed at which anti-vaccination propaganda travels on the Innerweb.

The 65-year-old philanthropist said: “… because social media is so new, figuring out how to curve that — you know — labeling it — restrict the speed of things that are titillating false [information].”

“We are missing some good ideas to not have this kind of scary phenomena like in the case of anti-vaccine things may slow down how quickly we get lots of people to take the vaccine and therefore extend the epidemic and cost us tens of thousands of lives.”

“I hope these conspiracy theories will go away — I don’t know what this will mean for the future,” he said.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

FEBRUARY 12, 2021
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Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Why the NWO Loves Bitcoin

February 11, 2021 by IWB
By Chris Black
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Yesterday, I stumbled upon this interesting announcement from MasterCard, about the tech giant’s intention to add crypto currencies to its payments network system. To be more precise, the CEO Michael Miebach pledged to integrate digital currency payments (that would mean BTC) “directly on our network.”

So you need a payment processor to buy something that acts as a payment processor?

From the official announcement:

Why Mastercard is bringing crypto onto its network

Whatever your opinions on cryptocurrencies – from a dyed-in-wool fanatic to utter skeptic – the fact remains that these digital assets are becoming a more important part of the payments world.

We are seeing this fact play out on the Mastercard network, with people using cards to buy crypto assets, especially during Bitcoin’s recent surge in value. We are also seeing users increasingly take advantage of crypto cards to access these assets and convert them to traditional currencies for spending.

This comes 2 weeks after Visa said there’s no reason why it cannot add Bitcoin to its network, and was looking to make crypto currencies more “safe, useful and applicable” for its customers.

Here’s again from Mastercard’s announcement: “……..the fact remains that these digital assets are becoming a more important part of the payments world.”

Well no shit, ya’ think? “Digital assets’” is a globalist, collectivist, money changer, control freak, psychopathic wet dream.

People have been giving up their freedom for perceived riches for decades, nothing new here. These financial institutions aren’t “getting on board”, they are stepping into the role they intended all along. They hate cash, they hate gold, and they hate anything they cannot skim or track.

Take a look how VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal skim your asses coming and going now. Nothing would make them happier than moar transaction and moar fees. Nothing would make globalists happier than to know where every cent in the world is being spent at any given moment; or the ability to freeze your entire financial life at the press of a button, the ability to monitor the world’s population and its every decision, the ability to reward those that speak the narrative and punish those that dissent in any way.

What is the culmination of their dystopian dream? The world’s currency in digital form tracked by an AI blockchain algorithm. The end of freedom, forever.

I pity all these idiots thinking BTC is some miracle anonymous currency; man how you’ve been fooled by the very people you think you’re outsmarting.

Go look up how many people have been busted for buying drugs on the Dark Web with BTC. Cyber security is only as good as the weakest link, and in 99.9% of cases the weakest link is always user stupidity, and there’s no antidote for that (e.g. buying BTC on an exchange with KYC then running it through a tumbler and thinking it’s anonymous).

Breaking news:

Bitcoin IS the global digital currency (reset) we’ve been hearing about. It is the FedCoin / digital dollar. That’s why it was dropped anonymously.

Why the hell do you think all of these FED member Banks & Wall Street are integrating it into every area of their systems/framework?

You thought BTC was Banker Kryptonite?? Why do you think the big tech companies are now moving their excess “cash” positions into it?

Bitcoin holders are still blind to the fact that more institutional money means a new regulatory framework where they suspend crypto withdrawals in the name of AML/KYC.

Gemini & Coinbase will be first; the rest will be required to follow or will be shut down. EU, UK, JP and China will too. Holding your own key will become nearly impossible for the new money (notably institutional money).

The plan isn’t to ban Bitcoin, it’s to re-hypothecate and sell artificial supply to steal thru inflation.

This is what central banks do and they will do it to Bitcoin because the exchanges will comply and Wall St will happily purchase that fake supply instead of real BTC because they won’t be given the option.

They are going to pull a GameStop and suddenly change the rules (as in centralize it). Watch and see.

It’s happening right in plain sight and everyone loves it. The wolf isn’t at the door, it’s sitting at your dinner table.