Synaptics’ pivot to artificial intelligence at the edge from its previous focus on sensors for mobile phones and PCs will involve sensing through non-glass surfaces and visual wake-words, CEO Michael Hurlston tells Venture Beat in an interview.

Feb 20, 2021
Chris Burt
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Among the insights contained in the conversation is that the power of AI and the energy efficiency of edge computing are both needed to bring out the IoT’s potential.

A pair of partnerships have been formed to implement facial recognition at the edge. Vsblty and Ability Enterprise have produced a high-resolution camera capable of running multiple Intel algorithms simultaneously for the retail and smart city markets, while CyberLink’s FaceMe Security has been integrated into Network Optix’ video management platform Nx Meta for the same markets, as well as industrial and foodservice operations.

The Line, a 170 kilometer-long smart city planned for Saudi Arabia with no cars, 100 percent renewable energy, and ubiquitous facial recognition is expected to be ready for occupancy by 2030, ZDNet reports. Billions of dollars are being invested in a city that is intended to one day be home to hundreds of thousands, though attracting residents may be the challenge.

An AnyVision patent describes drones adjusting their position to perform facial recognition matches while airborne, for possible future use in identifying intended delivery recipients. An activist group has published a list of occasions when UK police used drones for surveillance of protests, while drones and facial recognition are both in NATO’s plans, but not necessarily in combination.

North America is one of the largest markets for rugged biometric devices, Laxton Group CEO Lyle Charles Laxton tells Biometric Update in an interview, and opportunities to support elections and national IDs in Africa can also yield hardware development benefits to bring to that market. Laxton also advises that although his firm sells technology for elections across Africa, ballots should remain manual on the continent for the time being.

This is not how we manage an outbreak :

By United Health Professionals
Global Research, February 18, 2021
United Health Professionals
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– « The world went mad » with coronavirus lockdowns which « fly in the face of what is known about handling virus pandemics » (Dr Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, June 24, 2020).

– « The infection fatality rate seems to be about the same as for influenza, but we have never introduced these drastic measures before, when we had influenza pandemics. And we cannot live with them for years to come » (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 1, 2020).

– « The decision of lockdown as the decision of wearing masks…are not based on scientific data…» (Prof. Didier Raoult, June 24, 2020).

– « The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew, etc.]…The lockdown did not trigger the decrease in cases…As for the closure of restaurants which had very strict health protocols in place…of course, I have no way of defending it…it has not influenced the epidemic at all…The lockdown has not changed anything…» (Prof. Philippe Parola, December 3, 2020).

– « There is no scientific evidence to support the disastrous two-metre rule. Poor quality research is being used to justify a policy with enormous consequences for us all » (Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, June 19, 2020).

– « Grotesque, absurd and very dangerous measures…a horrible impact on the world economy…self- destruction and collective suicide… » (Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, March 2020. He also sent, at the time, a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

In addition, these tyrannical measures violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its articles: 3, 5, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20, 26, 27, 28, 30 and the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child in its articles : 28, 29, 32, 37.

– « When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course. The pandemic has led to the violation of basic human rights…There has not been the slightest ethical analysis of whether this was justified. It is not» (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 4, 2020).

COVID Vaccine Kills 1,170 and counting

The CDC and FDA received 1,170 reports of fatalities among individuals in the U.S. who received a Covid vaccine — 0.003% of vaccinated people — between Dec. 14, and Feb. 7. During this time, over 41 million doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines were administered across the country, according to the CDC.

“Typically, COVID-19 vaccine deaths can be attributed to anaphylaxis and occur within a relatively short period after the vaccine is given, which is why monitoring is done,” said Dr. Gary Anthone, Nebraska’s chief medical officer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will investigate the death of a Nebraska man after local health officials listed the Covid-19 vaccine as one of several causes of death, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services said in a press release late Thursday.

The man, a long-term care facility resident in his late forties with several co-exisiting diseases and conditions, died on Jan. 17 between one and two weeks after receiving his first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the statement.

“While I cannot speculate on this case, when individuals die days or weeks after the vaccine has been administered, it is more likely due to other underlying factors,” Anthone said.

The death was entered into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a national vaccine safety surveillance program run by CDC and the Food and Drug Administration. All adverse events or fatalities must be reported to the system whenever they occur after vaccination.

“This process allows the CDC and FDA to closely monitor and assess any adverse events, for ongoing safety evaluations,” the state health department said in a statement.

The CDC has not reported any patterns in cause of death that would suggest safety issues with the vaccines. However just because they haven’t REPORTED any patterns does not mean they don’t already see — or know — a pattern. Government is rarely forthcoming with information that it doesn’t want published.

Individuals with high-risk conditions should consult their medical providers regarding vaccination, Anthone said.Click Here To Read More!!  

First, let’s start with the conclusions of the 2010 report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the management of the H1N1 epidemic

By United Health Professionals
Global Research, February 18, 2021
United Health Professionals
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« The Parliamentary Assembly is alarmed about the way in which the H1N1 influenza pandemic has been handled, ot only by the World Health Organization (WHO) but also by the competent health authorities at the level of the European Union and at national level. It is particularly troubled by some of the consequences of decisions taken and advice given leading to distortion of priorities of public health services across Europe, waste of large sums of public money and also unjustified scares and fears about health risks…grave shortcomings have been identified regarding the transparency of decision-making processes relating to the pandemic which have generated concerns about the possible influence of the pharmaceutical industry on some of the major decisions….unregulated or secret lobbying may be a danger and can undermine democratic principles and good governance ».

Know that the same mistakes made in the H1N1 epidemic are being repeated today in the COVID epidemic. You are the victims of the biggest health scam of the 21st century regarding the real danger of the virus, the measures to be taken, the figures, the tests and the treatments, and this was done with the same techniques of manipulation used during the epidemic of H1N1 or the Iraq war. Experts, professors of medicine as well as scientific and medical collectives began to alert others of this as early as March 2020.

Video: Dealing with Non Muslim Parents – Muslim Convert Stories

Sep 18, 2019

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Dealing with Non Muslim Parents – Muslim Convert Stories

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International Alert Message about COVID-19. United Health Professionals

By United Health Professionals
Global Research, February 18, 2021
United Health Professionals
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Selected Highlights
Stay home, save lives » was a pure lie.

Remove the following illegal, non-scientific and non-sanitary measures : lockdown, mandatory face masks for healthy subjects, social distancing of one or two meters.

The lockdown not only killed many people but also destroyed physical and mental health, economy, education and other aspects of life.

The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew

When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course.

Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies :

Stop the vaccination campaigns and refuse the scam of the pseudo-health passport which is in reality a politico-commercial project

We are health professionals of the international collective : United Health Professionals, composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care physicians and infectious disease specialists) from different countries of Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania and, on August 26, 2020, we addressed to governments and citizens of countries around the world an alert message regarding the COVID outbreak.

7 Shot at Philadelphia Transit Station

Details are very few right now, but Philadelphia Police are confirming a total of SEVEN people were shot at Broad and Olney.


A 22-year-old man was shot once in the back, a 21-year-old man was shot once in the right leg, a 53-year-old man was shot in the right leg, a 36-year-old woman was shot in the right thigh, a 70-year-old man was shot in the right thigh, a 17-year-old girl was shot in the right arm, a 48-year-old man suffered a graze wound to the stomach, and a 71-year-old man was shot once in the stomach and multiple times in both legs. Click Here To Read More!!