Biblical *WARNINGS* You Need to Stop Ignoring In 2020

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Video: God has a greater plan for you.

Dec 4, 2019
Sarfaraj Ali
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Be kind to yourself

Video: Dark Winter Hell

Feb 20, 2021
Bowne Report

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For those trapped in the frozen bureaucratic hell in Texas known as the 2021 Winter Storm. A world where the leadership failed beyond imagination.The largest lesson learned from those that endured this experience is that if they can’t manage a full scale natural and energy disaster what makes anyone think they can manage our lives with their build back better great reset takeover of all human existence.

Political parasites in Texas like Austin Mayor Adler hid for the first three days until the media scared him out of his hole. While Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Abbott revealed a disconnect few expected realizing zero on the ground initiative.

Meanwhile, as the streets and temperatures remained frozen, power, water and food disappeared, and the elderly and disabled were cut off from lifeline resources. There was barely any real leadership to be spoken of save for the defunded police, ems, and one City Council member who kept working even though she was in the same boat as the rest of us.

Texas rarely gets snow and when it does, it isn’t a catastrophe. So the expensive preparations never merited the weather proofing budget that ERCOT and Austin Energy took advantage of.

Even the local radio in Austin, Texas didn’t grasp their own key importance. Continuing their regular programming rather than staying on air 24/7 through out the nightmare informing the masses who had no internet or television. Thousands huddled around battery operated radios, whatever they could burn for warmth and eating what had spoiled in the refrigerator.

Don’t ever forget this Dark Winter Hell Austin and the rest of Texas.No one is coming to help. You need your neighbors as much as they need you. The government is the storm. The people are the solution and a reckoning is inevitable.

Video: The NWO Goes Operational

Jan 11, 2021
Bowne Report

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The Internet has become a battleground where free speech is crushed under big tech’s naked racketeering monopoly. After the President was unbelievably barred from Twitter, a mass culling of conservative voices was underway. Even Senate hearings are being censored. We are now witnessing big tech’s final push toward total dominance of the narrative.Silicon Valley has essentially become a fourth branch of our government that freely violates our First Amendment. Congress and all of its double dealing have been broken. We have discussed the beta testing that many have been fully aware of for years. We are now witnessing that the New World Order has gone fully operational.

Video: Joey Camp 2020 – Denver Protests 10/10/20

Oct 10, 2020

United States Presidential and United States Senatorial (Colorado) Candidate.

When I’m President (#WIMP​) | #SpoilerEffect​ | God Fearing Human | Talent Manager | Pro Se Nightmare | Legal Secretary | #176507​ |#Satire​ | #Parody​ | #Jest​ | #PossiblyProvocative​.

I am running for United States Senate -Colorado and President of the United States of America because the election process is a joke, and easy to satiricalize. I believe that everyone should be allowed to vote. I believe cops should not have qualified immunity from lawsuits.

Gummy bears for all!

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Source: Moms across America and Demon Hunter — Makes sense, the guy that ran the company that made Roundup was moved over to head up the FDA a few years ago. I assume he is still there protecting us right?


AUGUST 07, 2020 11:14 AM
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People inherently avoid risk, Kelly-Jones said. And the COVID-19 pandemic has fostered new conversations about sex safety and taking precautions.

Kelly-Jones likened this example to STD risk. Not everyone seeks an STD test before having sex with a new partner, but right now, many are having open discussions about COVID-19 exposure, testing and the risks of sex.

Discussions about masturbation have also shifted during the pandemic. Some states, including Oregon and New York, issued public advisories stating that the safest sex is sex with yourself, using the term “masturbation” in an official document.

“Finally, we are going to have discussions about stuff people are doing anyway, and now we can talk about it publicly,” Kelly-Jones said.

“Now we are actually openly discussing masturbation,” Kelly-Jones said. “That’s an OK thing for you to do because it’s going to protect you from getting the coronavirus. Who’d ever thought that that would be the topic?”


AUGUST 07, 2020 11:14 AM
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Right now, the safest sex is the with yourself, Kelly-Jones said.

Masturbation brings a low level of infection but can also yield sexual pleasure and intimacy that many seek during social-distancing.

Other options for how to have sex with someone outside of your household is to wear masks, a suggestion issued by a commentary from Harvard researchers in May.

However, there have been preliminary studies to determine if COVID-19 can be transmitted sexually. Kelly-Jones said there is more work to be done on that hypothesis, and that COVID-19 has been found in the sperm of people who have the coronavirus.

The International Society for the Study of Women’s Health, which Kelly-Jones is a member of, issued a position statement in May on COVID-19 and sex. ISSWSH stated that kissing and other forms of sexual contact can transmit the virus. “ISSWSH supports social distancing for all casual acquaintances, for discordant couples, or when either member of a couple is possibly infected,” the organization stated. “The new “really safe” sex in many cases may require “e-sex,” (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).”

Kelly-Jones emphasized that the decision to date and become intimate during this time is an individual one.

“A lot of it is just on your comfort level — what are you comfortable with?” Kelly-Jones asked.

“Everybody has to kind of take into account the risk versus the benefit of everything that they do, including exposure to the virus,” she said.

Video: Pedophiles Want To Rule You!

Oct 5, 2020
Bowne Report

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The entire movement of nationalism has had many faces. In modern times, whether it be the shadowy Qanon or the sun drenched Infowars. That voice of nationalism has always kept the spineless satanic child groomers on notice. But now the most horrific and ruthless among us are floating to the surface. A massive battle awaits. Where those that would taint future generations with their delusional perversion are held to account in the light of day.


AUGUST 07, 2020 11:14 AM
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To limit physical exposure, virtual dating has provided a new outlet to meet new people while staying safe. Where before there might have been reservations about meeting people virtually and over the internet, dates over FaceTime and conversations over text is now the socially-acceptable, socially-distanced thing to do.

Face-to-face video chats can provide some level of connection by establishing a sense of presence, even in the virtual.

“It’s kind of brought what was already happening out of the closet,” Kelly-Jones said.

Before fostering intimacy on an online platform, Kelly Jones said there are precautions to take first:

Use secure platforms.

Ask yourself if you trust the person. When creating a space of vulnerability over the internet, know that there is the possibility of screenshots and screen-recording.