Video: Dark Winter Hell

Feb 20, 2021
Bowne Report

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For those trapped in the frozen bureaucratic hell in Texas known as the 2021 Winter Storm. A world where the leadership failed beyond imagination.The largest lesson learned from those that endured this experience is that if they can’t manage a full scale natural and energy disaster what makes anyone think they can manage our lives with their build back better great reset takeover of all human existence.

Political parasites in Texas like Austin Mayor Adler hid for the first three days until the media scared him out of his hole. While Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Abbott revealed a disconnect few expected realizing zero on the ground initiative.

Meanwhile, as the streets and temperatures remained frozen, power, water and food disappeared, and the elderly and disabled were cut off from lifeline resources. There was barely any real leadership to be spoken of save for the defunded police, ems, and one City Council member who kept working even though she was in the same boat as the rest of us.

Texas rarely gets snow and when it does, it isn’t a catastrophe. So the expensive preparations never merited the weather proofing budget that ERCOT and Austin Energy took advantage of.

Even the local radio in Austin, Texas didn’t grasp their own key importance. Continuing their regular programming rather than staying on air 24/7 through out the nightmare informing the masses who had no internet or television. Thousands huddled around battery operated radios, whatever they could burn for warmth and eating what had spoiled in the refrigerator.

Don’t ever forget this Dark Winter Hell Austin and the rest of Texas.No one is coming to help. You need your neighbors as much as they need you. The government is the storm. The people are the solution and a reckoning is inevitable.

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