Video: Another Nurse Develops Bell’s Palsy After COVID Vaccine

Feb 12, 2021
War Room With Owen Shroyer

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Video: Student Describes What Technology Is Doing To The Youth

Feb 19, 2021
War Room With Owen Shroyer

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Lifestyle,’ she captioned the snaps of her usual body shape.

PUBLISHED: 20:36 EST, 23 February 2021
UPDATED: 22:54 EST, 23 February 2021
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Always one to spark conversation, Khloe got garnered speculation that she was engaged to on/off boyfriend Tristan Thompson as she flashed a giant ring in a sexy Instagram shot on Sunday.

The reality star, 36, took to social media to promote her new Good American shoe line with an eye-popping photo of her footwear and derriere.

But it was the massive rock on her finger that had people talking.

When writer Morgan Stewart asked ‘ARE THEY,’ fans hoped she was talking about Khlo’s relationship to Tristan Thompson and not the shoes.

Khloe’s reply was equally as ambiguous, reading: ‘@morganstewart yep! They are!’

Tristan himself also shared a cheeky comment, remarking on anything but the ring.

‘WOW!!!!!!! That grass is cut to perfection,’ the father of two-and-a-half-year-old True Thompson wrote.

The stunning sparkler is actually not a new piece of jewelry for Khloe.

She was first spotted rocking the ring in December 2020 while in Boston, where Tristan is now playing basketball with the Celtics.

But at the time a source told any rumors of an engagement were ‘not true.’

These engagement rumors come on the heels of news Khloe and Tristan are actively trying for baby number two, according to People.

A source said: ‘Khloe and Tristan still want to give True a sibling. It’s a big priority for both of them. They really want it to work out.’

As Tristan had signed with the Boston Celtics ahead of the 2020-21 season, Khloe has brought their two-year-old daughter True to the opposite coast so they could spend time together as a family while their home base remains Los Angeles.

The insider explained: ‘Khloé is spending most of her time in LA while Tristan is working in Boston. Khloe enjoys visiting Boston, but she doesn’t want to live there.

‘Tristan understands that she wants to be with her family. True loves playing with all her cousins and is the happiest in LA with them.’

Similar sentiments about Khloe’s bi-coastal life were echoed in a report just days earlier.

‘Khloe will live in Boston when Tristan is practicing and has home games,’ a source told Us Weekly. ‘When he’s traveling, she’ll fly back to L.A.

‘Khloe is trying for a baby,’ the insider said, adding that she is ‘trying for a sibling for True’ and that ‘Tristan wants that too’.

The couple – who got back together last year – share daughter True, who turns three in April, and the reality star has made no secret of her desire for more children.

‘Khloe and Tristan are solid. Everything in her life is how she wants it.’

Khloe revealed she is ‘ready to do the whole pregnancy thing again’ in a clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The reality star has begun having serious conversations with Tristan about expanding their family, as she doesn’t think it’s fair to make True keep ‘playing by herself’ without any siblings.

In a second image, the star is standing in front of a white backdrop clad in a a beige sports bra and matching curve-hugging leggings.

PUBLISHED: 20:36 EST, 23 February 2021
UPDATED: 22:54 EST, 23 February 2021
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Once again, Khloe’s proportions appear entirely abnormal, with her tiny-looking legs making up most of her body.

‘OMG SHOES. Our innovative shoes are back,’ she captioned the photo on her Instagram stories while wearing a pair of tan suede booties.

‘An attitude, from head to toe,’ captioned the Good American account on their slide of the same image.

‘Cloud sole comfort to carry you through your day,’ it added.

Khloe even made the leggy snap her new profile picture on Instagram. Otherwise, it’s doubtful anyone know the person in the photo was her.

She also posted from the same backyard photoshoot in a gray sports bra and matching short leggings.

Khloe bent down on one knee for shot to show off a pair of glittery silver knee-high boots.

More distracting than the shiny shoes is the bare waist, which didn’t appear much larger than her own arms in the confusing shoot.

The difference is especially noticeable when compared to the more relaxed photos she posted to her stories over the weekend clad in Good American athleisure wear.