Jennifer Lopez flashes her fit frame in a slinky white #bodysuit as she poses in the mirror for ‘#selfcaresunday’

PUBLISHED: 17:03 EST, 28 February 2021
UPDATED: 18:49 EST, 28 February 2021
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She knows the importance of working hard and playing hard.

And Jennifer Lopez was focused on a little self care as she peered into the mirror for a little rest and relaxation while on holiday in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.

The 51-year-old entertainer flashed her fit frame while posing for a mirror selfie as she declared the day ‘#seflcaresunday’ on Instagram.

JLo looked incredible in a high-waisted white bodysuit as she knelt down in front of the mirror for a quick glance.

Earlier in the day she hit the golf course with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, for a quick round in matching whites to mark independence day in the country.

‘Feliz día de la independencia Dominicana ✨✨,’ she said in her caption, which translates to ‘Happy Dominican Independence Day.’

She then added #Macho, which is Alex’s nickname; in the past he has revealed he calls her Macha.

He then said on his own Instagram page: ‘¡Perfección en República Dominicana!’

Both had on white outfits as they he was seen kissing her cheek and then they kissed on her lips.

Jennifer wore a white T-shirt with skintight white jeans, silver hoop earrings and a heavy silver chain necklace with her hair up in a little bun. And she had a pair of sunglasses tucked into her back pocket.

Alex had on a white golfing shirt in a French tuck with gray slacks and a silver watch.

She was seen walking around the grass as she held a black-and-white umbrella.

This comes after Lopez encouraged her fans to show themselves some self-love on Valentine’s Day.

The JLo Beauty founder took to her brand’s social media page to invite followers of the account to fill out one of their self-love templates.

Jennifer wrote: ‘I am youthful and timeless at any age.

‘I am beautiful and radiant. I am limitless and powerful.’

The actress-and-singer also added how everyone’s beauty routine is an ‘expression of love to yourself,’ said the mother to 13-year-old twins Max and Emme.

Underneath a selfie of the In The Morning hitmaker clutching a bottle of her complexion booster serum, Jennifer is quoted as saying: ‘Your daily beauty routine is an expression of love to yourself. And that’s what JLO BEAUTY is about… self-love.’

Meanwhile, the Second Act star recently revealed she and her husband-to-be ‘fight’ over beauty products.

The couple – who have been engaged since March 2019 – both love keeping their skin healthy by using a variety of products, and Jennifer admitted she’s even had arguments with her fiancé over who gets to use their stash of creams and oils.

She said: ‘He loves skincare products. As we were trying all of the products, he was always like, ‘What are you doing? What are you using? Let me get two. Give me some. Give me some! Don’t be cheap, come on.’ I’m like, “It’s a sample! I have to try it for five days. Like, leave it alone!” And we would be fighting over the products.’

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