Get ready for the next phase of the #cancel culture: It will be the most diabolical yet

‘Our children are vaccinated against liberty from the day they start kindergarten’

By now, everyone is aware of the agenda embraced by America’s public schools — teaching children to be ashamed of their country, which they are told was founded by white supremacists.

According to this narrative, embedded in many high school curricula including the popular 1619 Project, all of America’s historic successes, its rise to super-power status, it’s robust middle class, are illegitimate, because those who built this country did so on the backs of Native Americans and African slaves.

There is nothing redeemable about America or its Constitution, because these are the products of systemic racism. This racism was baked into every institution, be it state and local governments, law enforcement, school systems, the business world, religious institutions, you name it. All of these institutions are eaten up with “white privilege” and must be turned upside down and “reimagined” according to leftist “woke” principles.

That involves tearing down our historical monuments, rewriting history books, swapping out socially unacceptable “racist” holidays, symbols, mottos, even the names of our sports teams with those more acceptable to the woke crowd. On the ashes of that destruction, they plan to build a new technocratic socialist utopia based on “equity” and “inclusiveness,” which sounds good on the surface but be careful what you wish for.

So let’s drill down and find out what makes this movement tick. More Information Here!!

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