What is equity?

Equity should not be confused with equality. The two words sound similar but they are antithetical to each other.

Equality means everyone is treated the same and most Americans believe everyone should be afforded equal opportunities. Equity is a Marxist-imposed formula to achieve equality of outcomes.

While equity is packaged as something new and trendy, it’s actually an old Marxist trick, to divide society into two warring classes, the oppressed and the oppressors. They invented the idea of “equity” as a means to treat people differently based on their race, gender, sexual identity and religious affiliation –- encouraging those in certain groups to feel like oppressed victims while saddling others with feelings of guilt and shame.

The graphic below is often used by neo-Marxist thought leaders to illustrate the concept of equity. They talk of “leveling the playing field” which means the high-achievers [the beneficiaries of the oppressor class] must be brought down and the low achievers [victims] must be brought up. This of course can only be achieved by the intervention of social engineers trained in neo-Marxist critical theory.

The racial equity cops, soon joined by gender and transgender cops, spilled out of the universities and into local school districts, and now they are running wild within local city governments and the corporate world. Most work as consultants to cities and schools and are paid very well by you, the taxpayer.

You must “own your whiteness!” the race-baiting equity cops tell us on our jobs, in our schools and sometimes, if you have a “woke” pastor, even in our churches. More Information Here!!

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