#Video: #Christians #Protest #Muslim Prayer At US #Capitol

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Muslims Hold Prayer Gathering on Grounds of U.S. Capitol Building, Christians Object, Then Get Told to Scram By Capitol Police Distributed by Tubemogul.

#Video: #Sex #Trafficking in America (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Mar 30, 2021

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This 2019 documentary tells the stories of young women coerced into prostitution – and follows one police unit that’s committed to rooting out sexual exploitation.

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Award-winning director Jezza Neumann and producer Lauren Mucciolo (“Poor Kids”) embed with the Phoenix police unit that’s tackling child sexual exploitation, offering an inside look at the lucrative industry through unique access to a series of undercover, high-stakes police operations. They also film with young women who have escaped the trade. Using fake online ads as decoys, the Phoenix police unit targets both the traffickers luring young women into prostitution, and the “buyers” – many of whom claim to not know that the girls they interact with are victims of trafficking. With extensive and intimate access to local law enforcement, prosecutors, service providers and the women themselves, the film shines a light on the hidden reality of sex trafficking in America.

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It’s called “#Christian privilege.”

American liberals have been apologizing for years for their white privilege and their heterosexual privilege. The neo-Marxist bullies order them to repent of their ancestral sins, and they take a knee.

But that’s just the opening salvo in an increasingly divisive information war against the American psyche.

It starts in the schools and ends up in the work place.

If pushing white privilege/white guilt has led to the re-racialization of American society, and preaching trasgenderism has led to the sexualization of society, then the marketing of Christian privilege will lead to religious bigotry against any American who clings to the core elements of traditional Christianity. Their faith will be relentlessly attacked, challenged, “fact-checked,” debunked and disrespected until finally, if possible, it is broken.

The demonization of Christianity is already implied in the years-long rage against so-called white privilege. Because white people came to America from Europe and European civilization was uniquely Christian from the time of Constantine, it is Christianity that the neo-Marxist progressives really hate and seek to discredit even more than whiteness. More Information Here!!

#Video: (Rollbacks To Mar 29, 2021!!) Two 13-year-old boys #arrested for pair of carjackings in #DC

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They’re the latest arrests in a string of carjackings around D.C. involving young teenagers.
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#Video: They Are Coming For Your #Guns, Your #Children and Your Bodily Autonomy

Mar 29, 2021
The American Journal

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You won’t believe the insane news Infowars Listeners bring to the conversation.

Video: (Rollbacks To Mar 21, 2019!!) Dark Civil #War Intro

Kevin Shipp

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(Rollbacks To 7 May 2020!!) She also donned white sneakers and wore her #blonde tresses long and flowing with a part in the middle.

Daly, who’s the co-founder and creative director of Running Vision, a company that sells sunglasses made for running, looked casual-cool in tan pants with a blue button-down short and brown jacket.

When the Angel returned home, she fielded fielded questions with some of her Instagram followers.

And as expected some of them pertained to the coronavirus crisis.

One person opened up about their rising anxiety in the wake of COVID-19, and asked how she’s been taking care of her mental health.

Hosk responded with a number of things that have been helpful to her since the outbreak that includes: ‘meditation, cooking, not sleeping longer than usual, working out, staying creative, taking pictures, drawing, painting , playing games, and checking in on family and friends.’

During the crisis, Hosk has been very open proactive about spreading the word of home sequestering to her six million followers.

Hosk and Daley first got together in 2015 after being friends for a number of years.

#Video: Slijptol aangevallen bij #kerk #Urk: auto rijdt op hem in!

Mar 28, 2021
Omroep PowNed
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Verslaggever Mark Baanders, beter bekend als Slijptol, is vanochtend opzettelijk aangereden door een kerkganger op Urk. Hij belandde op de motorkap. Ook is hij opzettelijk in zijn gezicht gehoest en geschopt. Hij gaat aangifte doen. Zie hier de beelden!

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(Rollbacks To 7 May 2020!!) Elsa wore her hair pulled up in a scrunchie and proving she is on trend, the siren had blue nail polish on.

‘Self-care monday, happy Easter,’ the runway vet wrote in the caption to her 6.1M followers.

In late March she lit up her Instagram account.

The blonde bombshell was modeling black Gucci lingerie as she reclined in a chair for two sizzling black-and-white photos.

In this new images, Elsa was fully made up with dramatic makeup and her blonde hair blown out.

New York City has been suffering some of the worst of the coronavirus outbreaks.

Most residents don’t dare leave their home unless it is for essentials.

And on Sunday Elsa kept up with the mandate from health officials when she went for a stroll in and around a park with boyfriend Tom Daly.

The looker kept it casual in grey sweatpants and a pink Kansas State Wildcats sweatshirt. More Information Here!!