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(Remember This! On March 28, 2020!!) “#NRA members recognize these unlawful power-grabs for what they are.”

By Charles Creitz
Fox News

The lawsuit argues that closing gun stores violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and that licensees are to be deemed “essential” places of business as they provide access to that right.

It also cites the Fourteenth Amendment, which reads in part that “no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.”

On the other side of the country, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf was served with a lawsuit last week claiming his executive order closing all “non-life-sustaining” businesses violated the Second Amendment, as it did not originally allow gun stores to continue operation.

Last week, the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court ruled in a divided decision against a Lancaster County gun shop owner and a gun buyer from the Philadelphia suburbs.

But shortly thereafter, Wolf allowed gun stores some limited reopening abilities.

Retailers may now sell guns by appointment only during limited hours, so long as social distancing is practiced, according to FOX 29.

An attorney in the Supreme Court case, Joshua Prince, credited a dissenting opinion from Commonwealth Supreme Court Justice David Wecht and two other justices, who wrote that the initial policy indicated an “absolute and indefinite prohibition upon the acquisition of firearms by the citizens of this commonwealth.”

Wecht wrote that such a move created “clear tension” with the Pennsylvania State Constitution and the Second Amendment.

A spokeswoman for Wolf told FOX 29 on Tuesday that the adjusted policy was developed “following review of the Supreme Court’s decision.”

Businesses in the state are also able to file a request for a waiver from the government if they would like to petition to keep their brick-and-mortar businesses open if originally deemed “non-life-sustaining.” https://www.foxnews.com/us/nra-files-lawsuit-california-targeting-gun-stores-coronavirus-lockdown

(Remember This! On March 28, 2020!!) #NRA files lawsuit against #California over ‘targeting’ of gun stores amid #coronavirus #lockdown

By Charles Creitz
Fox News

The National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday filed a federal lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alexander Villanueva after the state’s order to close nonessential businesses has affected firearms retailers.

On Wednesday, Newsom’s order allowed county sheriffs to make discretionary decisions about labeling gun stores as essential businesses.

Villaneuva initially ordered gun retailers closed under the edict, but then reversed himself, and later changed his mind again, rendering them shuttered, according to Bloomberg News.

The NRA cited “constitutional violations” by the state government and said in a statement on its NRA Institute for Legislative Action [NRA-ILA] website that it would be joining other Second Amendment groups and activists — and other businesses, in filing the suit.

“Municipalities who target lawful gun stores for closure aren’t promoting safety — by weaponizing their politics to disarm you and your loved ones, these shameless partisans are recklessly promoting a gun-control agenda that suffocates your self-defense rights when you need them most,” Jason Ouimet, the NRA-ILA’s executive director, said in a statement Friday. More Information Here!!

They don’t talk through issues

An unwillingness to talk about problems in the relationship is a tell-tale sign of a toxic relationship.

Erika Ettin, a dating coach who founded the dating site A Little Nudge, told The Independent:

All couples have disagreements. That’s perfectly normal and healthy. But it’s how you handle those disagreements that can really make or break things.

Does your partner walk away? Shut down? Place all the blame on you? Throw a tantrum? These are all red flags.

In a good relationship, a couple can and will talk through issues, listening to the other person’s point of view and expressing his or her own. No one needs to win or lose. It’s about expressing how something makes you feel and being heard. Communication is key. More Information Here!!

Your #partner blames you for their own emotions

​Yeah, if you call them a name and it hurts them, you’ve got to take responsibility.

But if you partner is having a bad day and blame your for not doing anything about it, your partner should learn to communicate with you instead of lashing out.

Your partner expect your entire life to revolve around your emotional wellbeing. More Information Here!!

You can’t seem to do anything right

Constant criticism is never a good sign – and if you feel it’s more than just innocent teasing, it probably is.

Bonoir told Health.com:
Some people will defend their partner, and say: “It’s all in good fun, that’s just how we treat each other.’

But if they’re making fun of you over and over again, you’re not going to feel valued or accepted for who you really are.

Likewise, if they are highly critical of their past partners, this is a definite red flag. Elinor Greenberg, a psychologist, told The Independent:

When people describe all of their exes as terrible people and put all the blame on them for the relationship’s failure, this is a red flag for me.

It practically shouts: ‘I cannot take any responsibility for whatever went wrong. I have not learned anything from these relationships. It is totally up to you to make our relationship work.’ More Information Here!!

You communicate with each other passive aggressively

Instead of stating a thought overtly, your partner tries to nudge you into doing something.

This suggests that you don’t feel comfortable with one another, and are scared of judgement or criticism.

It’s much healthier to state your fears and desires, however intimate, openly.

Telling your partner ‘I’m fine’ when your clearly not is a not a fine way to communicate. More Information Here!!

Your #partner wants you all to themselves

Possessive partners are often overly jealous and controlling, stripping away your independence and trying to control who you spend your time with.

It often originates from feelings of insecurity. But over time, you should be able to trust each other. More Information Here!!

You both keep score

You were rude at their mum’s birthday party back in 2008 – and you’ll never forget about it because they won’t stop reminding you.

People who keep a moral scorecard in relationships use past wrongdoings to justify current immoral behaviour, encouraging endless guilt and blaming each other, rather than fixing existing problems. More Information Here!!