🚨 Headlines From 2023: A Muslim man recently splashed acid onto the face of a teenage Christian girl, disfiguring her permanently. – gatestoneinstitute

by Raymond Ibrahim
March 12, 2023 at 4:00 am

Her crime? Refusing to convert and turning him down.

On February 1, 2023, in Karachi, Pakistan, according to the report, when Sunita Munawar, aged 19, stepped off the bus on her way to work:

“While at the bus stop she noticed that Kamran Allah Baksh a local neighbour who had been stalking and harassing her for several years, was already waiting at the bus stop. Despite a sense of foreboding, Miss Munawar bravely exited the bus and headed towards her workplace.

“As she passed by Mr Baksh without warning he threw something on Miss Munawar’s face. She could feel intense pain in her eyes and on the skin of her face, arms, torso and legs and knew immediately, that something was seriously wrong. She screamed and tried to wipe away the acid but found that the pain would not stop, a pain so severe that at some point Miss Munawar fainted and collapsed to the ground.”

Munawar was taken a nearby hospital, where it was confirmed that she had suffered 20 percent acid burns.

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