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Synthetic Humans. I kid you not. Here is who builds them


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They are getting too good. This is a little freaky
Source: CNBC

If things continue the way they are, there will eventually be no more #humans Then we have #pesticides like #Roundup (#glyphosate), which is widely used in American agriculture to increase profits.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021
by: Ethan Huff
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Roundup causes cancer, among other harm, and yet regulators could not care less.

“These are hormonally active in many, many ways, depending on the particular formation,” Swan says. “They get into our foods. They’ve also been found in people who are handling these products occupationally.”

All of this combined with a more sedentary lifestyle has turned many men into testosterone-deficient blobs who chug beer, another estrogen enhancer, while sitting around all the time.

This is not the way men were designed to live, and yet modern America tells them to do all of the wrong things and none of the right things, which is killing off their ability to reproduce.

Being fat is perhaps the most damaging thing for a man’s body in perpetuity because fat is where EDCs are stored. As a man loses weight, many of these EDCs are then released, causing more problems.

Men who eat organic food fare better than those who do not, however EDCs can still be hidden even in organic products depending on how they were manufactured or how they are stored.

“We can’t buy our way out of this problem,” Swan warns. “We also can’t recycle our way out of this problem. We need much more fundamental changes.”

Such changes include ridding society of every single noxious chemical out there that provides no benefits to humans other than increased profits for Big Chemical. Most chemicals are never proven safe before being approved, and the consequence is widespread illness and infertility.

“I think the more that we can show effects on people’s health right now – increased obesity, more erectile dysfunction, less sexual satisfaction, more menstrual problems – the more they’ll listen,” says Swan about how to reach more people about this important issue.

The Latest Assault Upon #Humanity’s #Food Supply and #Diet

Submitted by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 26, 2021
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In effect, Gates has made no secret of the fact that his love for Big Macs and fries runs in the face of what he implementing worldwide, no beef! In fact, Gates admits that he regularly fills up on McDonald’s junk food when he’s on the road getting governments to begin enforcing his deadly and crippling vaccines, cementing his Microsoft monopoly over schools and government or he is moving to control your diet. Many schools across the country are eliminating diet from their lunch menus, courtesy of Bill Gates. Gates has become the number one owner of farmland in America and is still rapidly expanding his grip over the farmlands of America. If one cannot see that food will soon be used as a weapon against the people, in order to gain compliance, then society is not paying attention to the clear motives of Bill Gates.

Ask yourself, what is the main source of protein in the American diet? It is none other than meat. However, biceps and strong men are not allowed in the world of sissified men. In fact, in the New World Order there is no room for real men. Just as the Democrats want to fine toy retailers for segregating boy’s toys from the girls, Gates is part of a Satanic cabal that seeks to blur the distinction between male and female. In his world, there is no room for masculinity. Take a long look at Bill Gates. Even at my advanced age, he would be the one person that I would not be afraid to meet in a dark alley in the wrong part of town.

Gates is convincing governments to make his deadly coronavirus vaccine mandatory or one cannot buy of sell. Gates is a Satanist that backs the anti-creationist ideology of transhumanism. He is an ardent depopulation advocate. He has employed Fauci and Birx and we have seen the devastation as each traitor to the medical profession proceeded to destroy our economy, destroy mental health, produce record numbers of suicides particularly among the youth and has broken the will and resolve of the American people.

Why is anyone following Gates to their own demise?

#Meatless America Equals Soy Boys Domination

Submitted by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 26, 2021
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He backed a startup that makes fake meat from plant substitutes, which was later responsible for the “impossible burger”.

According to the company Impossible Foods, substituting meat could have a positive impact on the environment.

Bill Gates on his website notes the following: “Animal agriculture uses 30 percent of all land, over 25 percent of all freshwater on Earth, and creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all of the world’s cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes combined”. So, under the phony banner of climate change, Gates is going to systematically starve you to death!

Synaptics’ pivot to artificial intelligence at the edge from its previous focus on sensors for mobile phones and PCs will involve sensing through non-glass surfaces and visual wake-words, CEO Michael Hurlston tells Venture Beat in an interview.

Feb 20, 2021
Chris Burt
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Among the insights contained in the conversation is that the power of AI and the energy efficiency of edge computing are both needed to bring out the IoT’s potential.

A pair of partnerships have been formed to implement facial recognition at the edge. Vsblty and Ability Enterprise have produced a high-resolution camera capable of running multiple Intel algorithms simultaneously for the retail and smart city markets, while CyberLink’s FaceMe Security has been integrated into Network Optix’ video management platform Nx Meta for the same markets, as well as industrial and foodservice operations.

The Line, a 170 kilometer-long smart city planned for Saudi Arabia with no cars, 100 percent renewable energy, and ubiquitous facial recognition is expected to be ready for occupancy by 2030, ZDNet reports. Billions of dollars are being invested in a city that is intended to one day be home to hundreds of thousands, though attracting residents may be the challenge.

An AnyVision patent describes drones adjusting their position to perform facial recognition matches while airborne, for possible future use in identifying intended delivery recipients. An activist group has published a list of occasions when UK police used drones for surveillance of protests, while drones and facial recognition are both in NATO’s plans, but not necessarily in combination.

North America is one of the largest markets for rugged biometric devices, Laxton Group CEO Lyle Charles Laxton tells Biometric Update in an interview, and opportunities to support elections and national IDs in Africa can also yield hardware development benefits to bring to that market. Laxton also advises that although his firm sells technology for elections across Africa, ballots should remain manual on the continent for the time being.