He added, “Modifications to firearms that make them more lethal should be subject to the National Firearms Act.”

8 Apr 2021

As Breitbart News noted, if the purchase of AR-pistols is categorized as the purchase of a “short-barreled rifle” the process of buying the firearm could require being fingerprinted and photographed, as well as undergoing a background check, registering the firearm with the ATF, paying the federal government a $200 tax (on top of the price of the firearm), and waiting nine to ten months for the whole purchasing process to be completed.

That is the standard process for other short barrel rifles and firearms along with accessories under the purview of the National Firearms Act.

The president pushed for an annual report on gun trafficking too, saying: “Today with online sales, and ‘ghost guns,’ times and trafficking methods have changed. We have to adjust. We also have to ask the Justice Department to release a new annual report, this report will better help policy makers address firearm trafficking as it is today, now what it was yesterday.”

Biden then pointed to the cost tied to gun crime seen in large cities across America, particularly in minority communities. He said, “Gun violence is estimated to cost the nation $280 billion a year.”

He suggested Americans could have gun control instead, and claimed such control comes “at a fraction of the cost.” More Information Here!!