Here is what just this small portion of this #Pfizer document is saying

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1. If a man who was not vaccinated touches a vaccinated woman, or breathes any of the air she breathes, (in other words, walks by her in the office) and he then has sex with his wife, his wife can have an adverse event and she should avoid having children.

2. If a woman who was never vaccinated gets exposed to a woman who was vaccinated, she can:

A: miscarry,
B: spontaneously abort,
C. poison a baby via her breast milk
D: Have babies that have congitive difficulties.

#Spain announces 838 #virus deaths in 24 hours — a new record for the country

Spain says 838 people in the country have died of the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, making it the largest single-day death toll for the European nation.

Spain and Italy have both seen hundreds of people dying of the disease in recent days, with nearly 1,000 succumbing to the virus in Italy on Friday.

#Video: Medical Expert Confirms #Miscarriages, #Infertility and Deaths Attributed To All 4 #Vaccines

Apr 23, 2021
The Alex Jones Show

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Dr. Jane Ruby of joins guest host Stew Peters of to break down the deadly dangers of the Covid-19 Vaccines.


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Christiane Northrup explain how possible it is to become sick from “vaccinated” ZOMBIE .

Haredi leader forbids public #prayer, tells followers to abide by #virus rules

A senior ultra-Orthodox leader forbids public prayer and calls on his followers to abide by the government’s regulations against gatherings, amid large-scale violations of these restrictions by the country’s Haredi population.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky says that it is a matter of saving lives, known in Hebrew as pikuah nefesh, which in Jewish law overrides almost all other religious requirements.

The ruling comes after a mass funeral procession and burial in Kanievsky’s hometown of Bnei Brak, which was held in clear violation of the government’s restrictions against gatherings.

Kanievsky, a well-regarded rabbi who makes rulings on Jewish legal issues, says all public prayer should cease, including that held in open spaces as is technically permitted under the government’s regulations, as it can risk people’s lives.

Kanievsky had originally opposed the government’s efforts to curb the deadly coronavirus, calling for his community’s schools and Jewish learning institutions to remain open despite the bans.

His reversal follows a large public outcry against the ultra-Orthodox community apparent flouting these rules and amid a large-scale outbreak in Bnei Brak and other Haredi towns.

#Video: 28 of 35 #women test #positive and 3 of them die after getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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28 of 35 women test positive and 3 of them die after getting vaccine

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

Video: 39-year-old #woman #dies within hours of getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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39-year-old woman, Brittany Hall Perez, dies within hours of getting vaccine

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

#Video: 2-year-old girl #dies after getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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2-year-old girl dies after getting vaccine.

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

#Video: Super Spreaders | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

The Prisoner

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The super spreaders became the new dirt of society, tracked, traced and locked up as if they were the ones abusing us…

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Jarah – Jessica Felicity Collins
Kain – George Bloomfield

Zachary Denman

#Video: Aussie Regulators To #Doctors & #Nurses: Speak Out Against #Vaccines, Lose Your Licenses

Tim Truth

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·The 35 Most Suspicious Deaths From The VAERS Database: What’s Going On Here?!
·VAERS: Hundreds Die Within Days Of Controversial mRNA Shot?! You Sure It’s Safe, FDA?
·VAERS Vax Exposé: 250+ Reports Of People Dying Within 1 Day Of The Covid19 Vaccine
·UNCONTROLLABLE: Shaking, Passing Out & Seizures After Vaccines [VAERS & Yellow Card]
·MISCARRIAGES: Multiple Women Lose Their Babies RIGHT AFTER VACCINE [VAERS & Social Media]

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