#Video: People who received #COVID-19 vaccine shaking. #Hospitals & ER all empty. #Doctors say #pandemic is lie


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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (April 2021). The AI femtobot “black goo” Kaaba meteor black cube gene-changing hive-mind 5G remote assassination Wuhan COVID-19 vaccine is either killing or paralyzing the humans’ nervous system. These doctors are saying that the vaccine is a test on people. The doctors are not reading or listening or believing anything we real Christians have been warning them. The COVID-19 vaccine is not a test on people, because the Illuminati NWO nephilim & chimera alien incarnate avatar globalist elites have had it for many years, waiting for the day they will kick start their NWO COVID-19 fake pandemic. They have already tested it on thousands of humans, because they MILAB-alien-abduct 40 to 60 million humans every year as laboratory dissection specimens and Mars planet mining slaves and cyborg soldier sales to 1000 nephilim & chimera alien species and human meat livestock food and LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) orgy child sex magick “Bisexual Draco” “quadsexual Pleiadian” “multisexual Mantis” “hermaphrodite Pleiadian Watcher fallen angel” spirit cooking ritual human sacrifice Pedogate Pizzagate “White House Pizza Night” pedophle cannibal Satanist child sex slaves.

The cowardly traitor pastors and millions and millions of religious Christian convert hordes do not warn the humans about this 40 to 60 million humans abducted as slaves, because they are afraid of getting assassinated, and all their families getting massacred, and all their incomes cut off, and getting cooked alive by CIA microwave oven weapons from next door homes and rooms, and getting ridiculed as lunatic heretic idiotic narcotic maniacs by their church donators and book customers and Christian ministry business customers and friends and employers and bosses and customers and coworkers. They worship self and family and money and pastors’ jobs and safety and comfort and prideful reputations and careers and retirement pensions over Jesus’ self-sacrificial love, even when Jesus gave his life for us on the cross so that we may receive forgiveness for sins and the gift of eternal life.

Judgment is falling on the medical professionals first, who receive the vaccine first, for they have made hundreds of millions of humans sick by their profiteering medical science Atlantis Babylonian Watcher fallen angel witchcraft alchemy industry, and the religious Christian convert hordes who have flooded and taken over God’s Church, and redefined the Bible verses, and rebelled against women’s head coverings, and kicked out Jesus and the real Christians from their churches, will also receive judgment. The Luciferase biometric ID tattoo microneedle patch 4th COVID-19 vaccine will be the “Mark of the Beast,” which all the dumb sinful wicked End Times generation human homo-sapiens specie populace will rush to get, once the NWO nephilims & chimeras and fallen angels start killing all the people who received the first 3 injection COVID-19 vaccines with their 5G remote assassination weapon, and making it look like a COVID-19 outbreak.

Once they receive the vaccine, they would no longer have human soul DNAs, so they will not be able to get saved by Jesus’ salvation. The vaccine has chimera animal genes and higher dimensional fallen angel genes and T-Veronica virus genes and they will become hive-mind zombies who demons will be able to inhabit. God does not recognize those who receive this “Mark of the Beast” as humans any longer. No one has identified the existence of the COVID-19 virus. Repent and receive Jesus as Savior, and make straight the path of the Lord! End of transmission… ***

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#Video: A Message for People Who Don’t Want the #COVID #Vaccine: Paid By The New World Order!!

May 5, 2021
Jimmy Kimmel Live
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26% of Americans are planning to skip the COVID vaccine. We get that people are skeptical of politicians and celebrities telling them what to do but we should listen to doctors. The men and women who have been on the front lines of the pandemic risking their lives to save ours are frustrated. If we don’t get more people vaccinated we could see vaccine-proof new mutations of the virus and go through this all over again. So as a public service we asked some real doctors and nurses to offer their best advice to those who are on the fence about the vaccine. Pay attention, this is important.

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(Remember This! On 08-06-2020!!) The #organization went from a nearly $28 million surplus in 2015 to a $36 million deficit in 2018.

CBN News

Last May, the NRA announced it was cutting staff and salaries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has upended the gun-rights organization during what should be heady times for the group, in the middle of a presidential election, and with gun owners riled up over what they see as an effort by authorities to trample on their Second Amendment rights.

The organization said it had nearly 5 million members as of December 2018. Observers and lawmakers see the gun-rights organization as one of the three most influential lobbying groups in Washington, DC, according to Wikipedia.

While departing the White House on a visit to Ohio, President Trump said the NRA should leave New York, suggesting the group should be based in Texas, instead. More Information Here!!

(Remember This! On Apr 2, 2020!!) Kendall Jenner shares a flashback photo where she #models a #bikini she co-designed with Kylie Jenner last year

Kendall Jenner was seen in happier days in a flashback photo shared on Wednesday.

Long before she self-isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 24-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posed in a white bikini, showing off her enviable supermodel figure.

The suit was co-designed with her younger sister Kylie Jenner for their holiday 2019 Kendall + Kylie line.

The ex of Ben Simmons also had on a stylish hat as she posed outdoors.

The caption read: ‘A little something for your Wednesday Holiday 2019 shot by @sashasamsonova and styled by @danixmichelle in an incredible @gladystamezmillinery oversized Panama Straw Hat.’ More Information Here!!


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Health Ministry: 3,637 medical workers in quarantine; 141 have coronavirus

The Health Ministry reports that 3,637 medical professionals have so far been placed in quarantine, and at least 141 have tested positive for the disease.

The ministry’s report comes amid criticism that Israel’s healthcare system has failed to provide sufficient protective gear to its doctors, nurses and staff.

According to the ministry, of the 3,637 healthcare workers in quarantine, 892 are doctors, 1,229 are nurses and the remaining 1,516 are medics, orderlies, secretaries and technicians.

Of the 141 confirmed cases, 39 are nurses and 32 are doctors, the ministry says.

Top #doctors call for Litzman to be ousted from Health Ministry

A group of senior medical officials in major hospitals in Israel have written a letter to interim Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Resilience party chief Benny Gantz urgently demanding that they appoint a professional figure as health minister instead of Yaakov Litzman, who currently holds the post, as part of their coalition agreement, the Ynet news site reports.

The doctors write in the letter that the coronavirus pandemic “has exposed and caught the healthcare system at a low point from an organizational and operational point of view, which everyone had been aware of.”

They lay out problems in the system, including widening gaps between the quality of health services in the center of the country and in the north and south.

“At this time… it is right for a professional to be appointed to head the Health Ministry — a doctor with a rich experience in Israeli healthcare,” they write.

“Health comes before anything else, definitely before politics.”

#Video: #Dr. Yeadon: “Most of my peers (scientists) agree with me.” But They are Threatened and Keep Silent.

The Prisoner

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Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory, Dr. Michael Yeadon, continues to grant public interviews sounding the alarm about COVID fraud and efforts to reduce the world’s population through dangerous COVID injections.

Yesterday, Perspectives on the Pandemic published a recent interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon on their YouTube channel.

Much of what Dr. Yeadon talked about can be found in the videos and articles we have already published featuring Dr. Yeadon, but one thing Dr. Yeadon shared in this interview was that even though he is one of the few scientists speaking out about the COVID lies and deception, that most of his peers in his field actually agree with him.

He then proceeded to explain why most of them have chosen to remain silent, as they are intimidated and fear speaking out. Dr. Yeadon talks about what it has cost him, so far, to go public with the truth and expose the lies of Big Pharma over COVID-19.

He has been attacked and slandered, and it has basically ruined his career as a scientist. He has nothing to gain for going public with the truth, and has actually suffered great harm for doing so.

Video: #Climate Emergency | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

The Prisoner

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The climate emergency was bringing humans closer to extinction. Carbon emissions had to stop, it was pandemic after pandemic.. They pushed every piece of fear they could…

#Administration critics dismissed the new language guidelines.

By Ben Fox
Associated Press
Monday, April 19, 2021

“We use the term ‘illegal alien’ because they’re here illegally,” said Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas. “This kind of weakness and obsession with political correctness is why we’re having a crisis on the border in the first place.”

The change in language comes as the Biden administration deals with a record number of children and teens, mostly from Central America, seeking to enter the U.S. at the southwest border.

Under the new guidelines, “unaccompanied alien children” would be referred to as “unaccompanied noncitizen children,” according to the memos. Employees are also directed to describe the “assimilation” of refugees and immigrants as “civic integration.”

CBP is turning away most adult migrants attempting to enter the U.S. under a public health order issued at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Biden administration is allowing unaccompanied minors and some families to remain, at least temporarily, while authorities determine whether they can stay through the asylum process or under other legal category.

Biden administration officials blame the rising number of migrants at the southwest border on a number of factors, including two recent hurricanes that struck Central America and the economic ravages of COVID-19 in the region.

Critics blame the administration, which has begun to reverse some of the hundreds of measures taken under President Donald Trump to curb both legal and illegal immigration and which has backed legislation that would enable some already in the country to remain. More Information Here!!