Remember those “Domestic #Terrorists” in Plot to #Kidnap #Michigan #Governor . . . . Charges DISMISSED


Three men in Michigan who were arrested by the FBI as “Domestic Terrorists” and accused of planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmere, are free today after a Judge DISMISSED the charges against them.

It turned out that the ring leader in the alleged plot to kidnap wretched Governor Gretchen Whitmer was an FBI informant who was planted into the group and was the one who pushed the entire plan.

The FBI was spying on lower, middle-class Americans and setting them up on terrorism charges.

The FBI then later arrested one of their own informants in the plot, and did so as Antifa-BLM rioted and pillaged cities across the US. . . for which the FBI at the time made NO ARRESTS.

Charges were dropped against three defendants earlier today in Michigan. More Information Here!!

Ginning Up “Domestic #Terrorism”

By Julie Kelly
March 15, 2021
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Worrell’s arrest is the latest in what the U.S. Department of Justice warned would be an “unprecedented” investigation leading to sedition charges filed against American citizens. Attorney General Merrick Garland pledged to make the Capitol Breach manhunt his top priority; on his first day in office, he received an update on the investigation from FBI Director Christopher Wray. Garland has compared January 6 to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people, including 15 children.

Roughly 300 people have been arrested so far, many of them transported to Washington, D.C. to await trial and dozens denied bail after federal prosecutors argued the defendants, including a high school senior from Georgia, pose a threat to the nation.

The Capitol Breach probe, the department’s official title, is a flagrant political prosecution targeting Trump supporters. Every display—from heavy-handed FBI raids to a militarized Washington, D.C.—is designed to portray the President Trump’s allies as domestic terrorists.

The differences between how the government is handling the January 6 defendants and other so-called protestors could not be more stark. For example, a Portland investigative reporter found the Justice Department has dropped more than one-third of the federal cases related to last summer’s riots in that city, with more to come. Only about a dozen people have been arrested for last week’s rioting in Portland, which included attacks on a federal courthouse.

But the violence in Portland is different, according to Merrick Garland, who said during his confirmation hearing the Capitol attack was “domestic terrorism” because the January 6 protestors attempted “to disrupt democratic processes.” The term doesn’t apply to attacks on the Portland courthouse, Garland claimed, because those only happen at night when court is out of session.

Lucky Antifa.

Portland #Antifa mob moves to Tacoma in response to cop running over man at Fast and Furious-style burnout on Saturday – as rioters smash up court building in another night of left-wing trouble

PUBLISHED: 02:01 EST, 25 January 2021
UPDATED: 11:30 EST, 25 January 2021
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More than 200 Antifa protesters reportedly descended on Tacoma, Washington, where they busted the windows of buildings and set fires in the streets on Sunday, just a day after wreaking havoc in Portland.

Video footage and images showed broken glass scattered on the sidewalk outside of businesses and graffiti sprayed on the side of buildings.

Protesters started at least two fires in the area using a barricade for one and an American flag for the other. Dozens of Tacoma police officers were seen lined up on bikes as protesters approached them.

Late Sunday night, Tacoma police declared an ‘unlawful assembly’ as crowds continued to march through the streets protesting the department after an officer was see running over a man on Saturday

During the incident, a Tacoma Police vehicle is seen plowing through a group of pedestrians swarming it, knocking several people to the pavement, after authorities responded to reports of drag racers in the city’s downtown area.

The short video, which was shot by an onlooker just before 7pm local time on Saturday and later posted online, shows cars with squealing tires turning donuts on downtown streets.

Then the Tacoma Police patrol car – surrounded by people – surges forward, knocking roughly five people to the ground before driving off.

One person can be seen lying on the pavement as the police car’s wheels rolled over him. The severity of his injuries are unclear. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The officer behind the wheel then ‘stopped at a point of safety’ and called for help, according to Tacoma Police.

(Throwbacks 2020!!) Portland #Antifa Invade Residential Neighborhood and Try To Blind #Woman With Lasers

Date: August 6, 2020
Author: Nwo Report
More Information Here!!

Portland Antifa rioters tried to burn down a Portland police station last night and then moved from the city center into a quiet residential neighborhood where they tried to blind a woman with lasers.

Hours after attacking the federal courthouse and lighting fire to Portland Police East Precinct, Antifa rioters moved Beaverton, in line with plans for taking their brand of “Direct Action” to the suburbs posted by the far-left group on social media earlier in the day.

After the far-left rioters were dispersed by police, they moved to a residential area of the city and targeted a woman at her home, attacking her with lasers.

The violent attack on the Portland Police East Precinct was organized by Antifa group PNW Youth Liberation Front, according to Andy Ngo who provided screenshots of the violent far-left organization’s call-to-action.

PNW Youth Liberation Front advertised the “protest” as a “Direct Action March” calling for “Total abolition” of prisons and the police.

“Remember when we were taking about how marches through the suburbs need to happen? Let’s show Beaverton that black lives f***ing matter!” the Antifa group wrote on Twitter on Aug 6.

George Soros’ Twitter Page Flooded With Millions of People Calling For His Arrest For ‘Treason’

George Soros’ history of funding leftist movements including Black Lives Matter is proving unpopular with internet users, with many taking to Twitter to denounce the globalist billionaire as one of the financial architects behind the violent disturbances across the U.S.

Twitter users are hitting back against George Soros, punishing his posts with millions upon millions of angry tweets, accusing him of paying protestors to riot and funding Antifa, while some claim that he plans to radicalize African Americans in order to undermine society and further his globalist agenda.

“Soros needs to be under arrest for being an enemy of the USA… he is an international criminal!” said Conservative Lady in response to James Woods, who said “Our problem today is not black versus white. Our problem today is George Soros versus America.“

“The only danger is this man George Soros and his NGO’s,” said Denise. “He is responsible for Antifa. Arrest this man already for treason.“

“Arrest George Soros. Freeze his assets and get him off the backs of the people,” said Cara Byrne.

“Let’s focus all this protest energy and zero in on George Soros!” said Starlight Solutions. “Let’s march, and yell in the streets ‘ARREST GEORGE SOROS. And when he’s down, Bill Gates, then Clintons and Obamas. We are the people!”

It has been revealed by the Anti Defamation League that Soros is currently receiving around half a million negative mentions per day, as his political and philanthropic activities continue to enrage millions of Americans.

The ADL notes: As protests – still largely peaceful, but increasingly marked by violent confrontations, looting and vandalism — continue in response to the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, right-wing pundits and an ideologically diverse crew of conspiracy theorists have alleged that George Soros has played a role in fomenting the chaos.

Aggressive language towards Soros has exploded on social media sites like Twitter, where a sample assessment showed that negative tweets about Soros rose from 20,000 per day on May 26 to more than 500,000 per day on May 30.

The vast majority of these tweets allege that Soros is paying protestors to riot, and that he funds antifa. A smaller number claim that he plans to radicalize African Americans in order to undermine society and enable the globalist takeover of America, while some go so far as to claim that George Floyd’s death was actually a false flag deployed by Soros in order to precipitate the current crisis. Click Here To Read More!!


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    ANTIFA is the jew militia that started in Nazi Germany, before they existed other groups like the Knights of Templar existed but most of them were burned at the stake, and they had to modernize after the creation of the Knights of Malta (which still exist). Their subgroup slave army consists of the KKK, Q (Anonymous), ANTIFA and Skinheads (Partially, not fully compromised). ANTIFA was always used as Agent Provocateurs (Agents of Chaos) jew world order army.

    Groups were formed for people from MONSEY, NEW YORK, and LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY, two areas with LARGE Orthodox populations. Two buses were reportedly chartered from Brooklyn.

    “Order Out of Chaos” is their goal with race wars and a brainwashed society that can not fight back, and would rather defend and play lawyer for the people on the idiot box in the living room.

    Groups (Anonymous) were formed for people from Monsey, New York, and Lakewood, New Jersey, two areas with large Orthodox populations. Two buses were reportedly chartered from Brooklyn.