#Video: Judge had enough of #BLM nonsense

Published May 7, 2021

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Rumble — Judge had enough of BLM nonsense

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However, only a month later, the organization soured on the #Biden-#Harris administration for holding a meeting that included several civil rights groups, but did invite Black Lives Matter.

April 22, 2021

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Rep. Cedric Richmond met with several civil rights groups yesterday. @blklivesmatter — as the largest social justice movement in history — was not invited,” Black Lives Matter tweeted.

The group asserted that it deserves a “seat at the table,” then demanded that Biden and Harris meet with them.

“The night of their victory, we sent @joebiden and @kamalaharris a letter requesting a meeting. It has now been 32 days and we have yet to receive a response,” BLM stated. “To set up a meeting with civil rights leaders, without BLM, is unacceptable.” More Information Here!!

A post on the official Black Lives Matter website elaborated on the organization’s stance on the militarized #police,

April 22, 2021

“The Law Enforcement Support Office, known as the 1033 Program, allows the transfer of surplus military-grade equipment to local law enforcement agencies across the country. It includes school and campus police, too.”

“Over $7 billion has gone to the law enforcement agencies since its creation under the Clinton administration,” BLM declared. “Disappointingly enough, the flow of military equipment to police under the 1033 Program has accelerated under the Biden administration — and based on recent reporting, police might just receive even more military equipment under the Biden administration than they did with the Trump administration.”

Black Lives Matter then referred to the police as “violent upholders of white supremacy.”

“Let’s make things abundantly clear: Military-style weapons and equipment have no place in our streets,” the post on the official BLM website stated. “They have no place in our communities and have no place in our schools or on our campuses. They especially have no place in the hands of police — violent upholders of white supremacy that have no regard for Black life.”

“With the stroke of a pen, President Biden can put an end to the dangerous practice of enabling and upholding white supremacy through the 1033 Program,” Black Lives Matter said in another reference to the police being racist.

Days after the 2020 presidential election, the Black Lives Matter Foundation congratulated Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. More Information Here!!

Official Black Lives Matter organization turns on Joe #Biden: ‘Communities being terrorized at a greater rate than under #Trump’

April 22, 2021

President Joe Biden didn’t even make it to 100 days in office before Black Lives Matter turned on him. The official Black Lives Matter organization said this week that communities are being “terrorized” more under Biden than under former President Donald Trump.

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The Black Lives Matters Global Network Foundation has had no lovefest for Trump, disparaging him as the “racist in the White House” and a “fascist,” who implemented “proto-fascism” during his term as the “white supremacist-in-chief.” Despite all of the vitriolic scorn that the Black Lives Matter organization has launched at former President Trump, BLM recently went on the attack of Biden, and said he is “sending more military equipment to our neighborhoods than Trump did.”

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which one of its founders proclaimed last June that “our goal is to get Trump out,” had tough words for President Biden on Wednesday.

“Biden’s first 100 days are up in 10 days. By then we need him to #End1033, which transfers military equipment into the hands of police across the country – including school & campus police,” the official Black Lives Matter Twitter account wrote. “Another example? The military you see out on your streets ahead of the Chauvin verdict.”

“Biden is currently sending more military equipment to our neighborhoods than Trump did,” the BLM page declared. “You read that right. Our communities are being terrorized at a greater rate than they had been under Trump.”

The organization headed by self-proclaimed “trained Marxists” asked its 1 million Twitter followers to sign a petition demanding “Biden demilitarize our neighborhoods and #End1033,” a program that began in 1997 under the National Defense Authorization Act. The 1033 program “granted permanent authority to the Secretary of Defense to transfer defense material to federal and state agencies for use in law enforcement, particularly those associated with counter-drug and counter-terrorism activities.” More Information Here!!

#Video: (Remember This! On Jun 5, 2020!!) Crowd surround #Muslim #protesters so they can pray safely during #BLM protest

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This is the moment non-Muslim protesters surround Muslim protesters so that they can pray safely during a Black Lives Matter protest in Brooklyn, NY.

Remember those “Domestic #Terrorists” in Plot to #Kidnap #Michigan #Governor . . . . Charges DISMISSED


Three men in Michigan who were arrested by the FBI as “Domestic Terrorists” and accused of planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmere, are free today after a Judge DISMISSED the charges against them.

It turned out that the ring leader in the alleged plot to kidnap wretched Governor Gretchen Whitmer was an FBI informant who was planted into the group and was the one who pushed the entire plan.

The FBI was spying on lower, middle-class Americans and setting them up on terrorism charges.

The FBI then later arrested one of their own informants in the plot, and did so as Antifa-BLM rioted and pillaged cities across the US. . . for which the FBI at the time made NO ARRESTS.

Charges were dropped against three defendants earlier today in Michigan. More Information Here!!

George Soros’ Twitter Page Flooded With Millions of People Calling For His Arrest For ‘Treason’

George Soros’ history of funding leftist movements including Black Lives Matter is proving unpopular with internet users, with many taking to Twitter to denounce the globalist billionaire as one of the financial architects behind the violent disturbances across the U.S.

Twitter users are hitting back against George Soros, punishing his posts with millions upon millions of angry tweets, accusing him of paying protestors to riot and funding Antifa, while some claim that he plans to radicalize African Americans in order to undermine society and further his globalist agenda.

“Soros needs to be under arrest for being an enemy of the USA… he is an international criminal!” said Conservative Lady in response to James Woods, who said “Our problem today is not black versus white. Our problem today is George Soros versus America.“

“The only danger is this man George Soros and his NGO’s,” said Denise. “He is responsible for Antifa. Arrest this man already for treason.“

“Arrest George Soros. Freeze his assets and get him off the backs of the people,” said Cara Byrne.

“Let’s focus all this protest energy and zero in on George Soros!” said Starlight Solutions. “Let’s march, and yell in the streets ‘ARREST GEORGE SOROS. And when he’s down, Bill Gates, then Clintons and Obamas. We are the people!”

It has been revealed by the Anti Defamation League that Soros is currently receiving around half a million negative mentions per day, as his political and philanthropic activities continue to enrage millions of Americans.

The ADL notes: As protests – still largely peaceful, but increasingly marked by violent confrontations, looting and vandalism — continue in response to the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, right-wing pundits and an ideologically diverse crew of conspiracy theorists have alleged that George Soros has played a role in fomenting the chaos.

Aggressive language towards Soros has exploded on social media sites like Twitter, where a sample assessment showed that negative tweets about Soros rose from 20,000 per day on May 26 to more than 500,000 per day on May 30.

The vast majority of these tweets allege that Soros is paying protestors to riot, and that he funds antifa. A smaller number claim that he plans to radicalize African Americans in order to undermine society and enable the globalist takeover of America, while some go so far as to claim that George Floyd’s death was actually a false flag deployed by Soros in order to precipitate the current crisis. Click Here To Read More!!