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17 JULY 2020
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The mixing or “recombination” of distinct coronavirus genomes in nature is one of the mechanisms that brings about novel coronaviruses. There is now further evidence that this process could be involved in the generation of SARS-CoV-2.

Since the pandemic started, the SARS-CoV-2 virus appears to have started evolving into two distinct strains, acquiring adaptations for more efficient invasion of human cells. This could have occurred through a mechanism known as a selective sweep, through which beneficial mutations help a virus to infect more hosts and so become more common in the viral population.

This is a natural process that can ultimately reduce the genetic variation between individual viral genomes.

The same mechanism would account for the lack of diversity seen in the many SARs-CoV-2 genomes that have been sequenced. This indicates that the ancestor of SARS-CoV-2 could have been circulating in bat populations for a considerable amount of time. It then would have acquired the mutations that allowed it to spill over from bats into other animals, including humans.

It is also important to remember that around one in five of all mammal species on Earth are bats, with some found only in certain locations and others migrating across vast distances. This diversity and geographical spread makes it a challenge to identify which group of bats SARS-CoV-2 originally came from.

There is evidence that early cases of COVID-19 occurred outside of Wuhan in China and had no clear link to the city’s wet market where the pandemic is thought to have begun. But that isn’t evidence of a conspiracy.

It could simply be that infected people accidentally brought the virus into the city and then the wet market, where the enclosed, busy conditions increased the chances of the disease spreading rapidly.

This includes the possibility of one of the scientists involved in bat coronavirus research in Wuhan unknowingly becoming infected and bringing the virus back from where their subject bats lived. This would still be considered natural infection, not a laboratory leak.

Only through robust science and the study of the natural world will we be able to truly understand the natural history and origins of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19. This is pertinent because our ever-changing relationship and increasing contact with wildlife is raising the risk of new deadly zoonotic diseases emerging in humans.

SARS-CoV-2 is not the first virus that we have acquired from animals and certainly will not be the last. The Conversation

Makary added that there has been “a 63 percent increase in #overdoses.

Twenty-three percent of all emergency room visits at one point last year were from mental illness complaints.”

“This is the first of many studies that’s going to tell us that many of these policies were basically an abuse by one group that has power over another group, and they exercise that power unfairly just because they could.”

Makary described the “fundamental problem” with accountability for locking down as a result of having “not looked at the totality of data on the health of kids and health consequences.”

He explained:

“If you were to ask me if you left your home could you get bacterial meningitis, the answer will always be yes; but if people stay isolated there will be more health consequences against that individual, and as a scientist, you’ve got to look at the totality of data on health outcomes. Those CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines that came out, Tucker, they were flawed. They were filled with dogma, they contradicted top CDC scientists who published in the journal the American Medical Association three weeks prior that schools don’t significantly contribute to transmission, and if they were applied to the airline industry, every plane in the U.S. would be grounded. Why is it that adults get to pack into planes, and they do it safely with masks, but kids are last in the reopening plan? That is an abuse of power.”

Carlson added that the reason for keeping schools shut is not the science, as has been demonstrated, but rather it is on account of the teachers’ unions that have “inordinate political power.”

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume told Carlson that “as powerful as I thought they (teachers’ unions) were, I did not realize they were powerful enough to do what they’ve succeeded in doing.”

“We saw the most recent manifestation of that when the director of the CDC came out and said, you know, that the science shows it’s safe to reopen schools without everyone being vaccinated. And in a matter of hours, really, the Biden administration had come out and said, ‘Well, she (the director) was speaking for herself,’ which gave you a sense of how afraid the Biden administration, newly in power, is of what the teachers’ unions say,” continued Hume.

Hume laid blame on “the effect of the media coverage in particular, and of a lot of the pronouncements of public health officials as well” for the “nation’s attitude” on allowing children back to school.

This narrative was, according to Hume, “very powerful and the sense of fear that it engendered in the American body politick has been the strongest thing we’ve seen, really, in terms of people’s unwillingness to face the data as it became clearer and clearer.”

“Scientists have said, almost in (sic) the beginning, that this is a disease that way disproportionately affects the elderly and those with certain attendant comorbidities, and that everyone else was, if not completely safe against the disease, then largely so.” Click Here To Read!!

Like you’ve ordered a big cake

By Alexander Smith
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Senior COVAX officials remain bullish about hitting their 1.8 billion vaccine target this year, covering 3.3 percent of those populations. However, top supply chain analysts are skeptical.

“We don’t buy it,” said Andrea Taylor, assistant director of Duke Global Health Innovation Center, an authority on Covid-19 vaccine supply data.

The forecast assumes COVAX will be able to obtain almost every dose made this year by the Serum Institute of India, the world’s biggest vaccine supplier by volume. But that manufacturer has signed deals with almost a dozen other countries, too.

“It may be they know things about their supply chain that we don’t know,” Taylor said. “But in terms of data that we do have access to, I don’t think their forecast for 2021 is realistic at all.”

In any case, the officials running COVAX are more eager to talk about the bigger picture.

They point out that without the program, the situation would be much grimmer for the world’s most vulnerable.

“It’s like you’ve ordered a big cake, and you look on your plate but nothing has arrived,” said Schreiber at UNICEF. “But it’s cooking, and the cake will come out, hopefully soon. And hopefully nobody will fall as the cake is coming from the kitchen to the table.”

Nothing like this has ever been attempted before, they say. And even after its sluggish and troubled start, vaccinating poor countries 12 months after the pandemic was declared looks like lightspeed when compared with any other global immunization program in history.

Most of all, Aylward at the WHO believes that initiatives like COVAX have dramatically shifted people’s expectations about what is ethically acceptable. Global access to medicine has always been deeply unfair — but this is the first time he’s seen such widespread calls for change in the way vital medicines and treatments are distributed.

“I’ve spent 30 years in international public health and disease eradication and I have never seen this,” he said. “The world is changing. It’s changing before our eyes, and that is fantastic. Because once you get there, you can’t go back.”

Hal Turner Remarks

These 1170 dead after receiving the so-called “vaccine” are just the start, the tip of the iceberg. There will likely be many, many, more.

This “vaccine” is not a vaccine in any traditional sense. It does not contain any elements of the novel coronavirus which allegedly causes the disease COVID-19. Instead, this “vaccine” is actually experimental gene therapy which irreversibly alters a recipient’s DNA.

Scientists claim that their artificial “messenger RNA” which is what the “vaccine” actually contains, instructs the human body at the DNA level as to how to look for and respond to a specific protein on the surface of the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

Once this “vaccine” is injected, it begins snipping parts of human DNA within cells, which alters the DNA of that person.

When tested on animals, 100 of the animals injected, died.

Rather than take this as a warning sign to stop what they were doing, scientists instead asked for — and got — a waiver from animal testing!

So this “vaccine” kills any animals injected with it. Is there any surprise thousands of people are dropping dead when it is injected into them?

Here’s the worst part:

When exposed to novel coronavirus in the wild, a person injected with this “vaccine” ends-up suffering a HYPER-IMMUNE RESPONSE which kills them.

Their immune systems go into a sort of hyper drive, a Cytokine storm – which then kills the person.

Within about 6 months, it is believed by many that so many humans will be dying from THE VACCINE, that government will try to cover it up by claiming a new mutation of COVID has come into being, and will blame this new (non-existent_ strain for the deaths.

Some Doctors are privately telling media outlets they expect fifty percent of the people receiving this new “vaccine” to be DEAD within 6 months. Click Here To Read More!!

HIDEOUS! Catholic Bishops Say “Moral responsibility” to Take COVID Vaccine (Even though contains aborted fetus cells) — APOSTATE CHURCH!

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Leaders of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) declared Monday that Catholics have a “moral responsibility” to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community,” state Fort Wayne Bishop Kevin Rhoades, chairman of the U.S Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine, and Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities, in a joint statement.

“In this way, being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good,” the bishops state.

The risk to public health posed by the coronavirus is very serious, the bishops assert, “as evidenced by the millions of infections worldwide and hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States of America alone.”

Moreover, “in many cases the most important effect of vaccination may not be the protection it offers to the person who receives the vaccination, who may be of relatively robust health and unlikely to be seriously affected by the disease,” they write. “Rather, the more important effect may be the protection it offers to those who are much more likely to be seriously stricken by the disease if they were to contract it through exposure to those infected.”


By Alliance for Natural Health International
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Most kids love a good muddy puddle to jump into or to dig in the dirt to find worms. So does their immune system. It’s what helps to prime it to protect them against infectious diseases. For kids with reduced access to outside space or those in city apartments less exposure to soil and other outdoor microbes may slow the development of the immune system.

Conversely, kids who live in urban areas may be exposed to fewer outdoor airborne pollutants due to there being fewer vehicles on the road and because they spend less time outside. However, exposure to more indoor pollutants such as second-hand tobacco smoke, household chemicals and fire retardant fabrics can be increased.

The lockdown legacy for children who’ve become used to spending less time outdoors is a likelihood of less connection to — or love for — nature. In turn, this is likely to manifest as having less interest in protecting the natural environment, which presents a critical challenge for the future of nature conservation and sustainability.

The increase in online learning and reliance on digital tech means children are being exposed to greater radio-frequency radiation sources, yet another factor in long-term health outcomes. Young kids are more sensitive to radiation sources so are particularly at heightened risk from the rise in use of electronic devices for learning.

Multiple studies have shown the low risk of the spread of COVID-19 in schools. The idea that kids might be driving the pandemic has also been proven unlikely. How much longer can we justify the damage pandemic restrictions are wreaking on our children and their futures?

Nobel winning scientist claims Covid-19 virus was man-made in Wuhan lab

Updated: 19 Apr 2020, 07:15 PM IST
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French Nobel prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier has sparked a fresh controversy by claiming that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from a lab, and is the result of an attempt to manufacture a vaccine against the AIDS virus.

In an interview given to French CNews channel and during a podcast by Pourquoi Docteur, professor Montagnier who co-discovered HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) claimed the presence of elements of HIV in the genome of the coronavirus and even elements of the “germ of malaria” are highly suspect, according to a report in Asia Times.

“The Wuhan city laboratory has specialized in these coronaviruses since the early 2000s. They have expertise in this area,” he was quoted as saying.

The theory that Covid-19 virus originated in the lab is making rounds for quite some time.

US President Donald Trump last week acknowledged Fox News report that the novel coronavirus may have been accidentally leaked by an intern working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

The Fox News, in an exclusive report, based on unnamed sources has claimed that though the virus is a naturally occurring strain among bats and not a bioweapon, but it was being studied in Wuhan laboratory.

The initial transmission of the virus was bat-to-human, the news channel said, adding that the “patient zero” worked at the laboratory. The lab employee was accidentally infected before spreading the disease among the common people outside the lab in Wuhan city.

Professor Montagnier was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the identification of AIDS virus, with his colleague professor Françoise Barre-Sinoussi.

His fresh claim on coronavirus, however, received criticism from scientists, including his colleagues.

“Just in case you don’t know. Dr Montagnier has been rolling downhill incredibly fast in the last few years. From baselessly defending homeopathy to becoming an antivaxxer. Whatever he says, just don’t believe him,” tweeted Juan Carlos Gabaldon.

As per a recent Washington Post, two years ago, the US embassy officials in China raised concerns about the insufficient biosafety at the Chinese government’s Wuhan Institute of Virology where deadly viruses and infectious diseases are studied.

Though the institute, located quite close to the Wuhan wet market, is China’s first biosafety level IV lab, the US state department had warned in 2018 about “serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory”

That means it is a chimera of 3 separate diseases combined into 1 coronavirus.

By Joaquin Flores
Last updated May 10, 2020
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FRN will be following this story closely. Assembling various alleged first-hand accounts, FRN can paint the following picture which is subject to change and correction – and please email us if we have something wrong or have missed something big:

Thousands of emails, passwords, & documents have been said to have been leaked online. Screenshots of documents, emails, and their credentials are currently on the open web, even on Twitter.

A Christian hacker group known as Katehon is said to have had hacked Gates Foundation data and relayed this to another hacker group, USA Hackers. USA Hackers used the data to hack WHO, Wuhan Lab and the CDC, and promises more leaks.

Our next step: Leak bank transfers that clearly reveal Bill #Gates has had a hand in controlling the entire narrative of the #COVID19 pandemic and corrupt officials of #WHO, #CDC and World Bank have been in his pocket the whole time while also taking bribes from #China.#ID2020 pic.twitter.com/nv16ybn1TW

— USA HACKERS (@usahackers) April 21, 2020

Unconfirmed reports include that satanic witch Marina Abramovic’s email was also hacked.

There is a history of Microsoft/Gates accounts being hacked, so this would not be unprecedented, nor impossible.

#GatesHacked #BillGatesIsEvil #BillGates #FallCabal more threads more photos pic.twitter.com/n9TFboX9DW

— Amy (@AmyDresser6) April 21, 2020

The Atlantic Council controlled publication of the Deep State – Vice Magazine – seems also to have confirmed the story.

For reasons only understandable to those following the broader establishment narrative, Vice has made this about the ‘far right’ and ‘neo-nazis’, terrorism, and so-called accelerationism.

A data dump of what appears to be the email addresses and passwords of members of the Gates Foundation, World Health Organziation (WHO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and a virology center based in Wuhan, China, is circulating within a network of neo-Nazi extremists.

The data dump and circulation appears to be an attempt at intimidating several of the leading government and non-governmental groups currently leading the fight against the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, though it’s likely many of the emails and passwords are outdated.

Judging specifically from a list of the data obtained by Motherboard, it appears like this may be an aggregation of previously-hacked usernames and passwords that was compiled from a previous data breach, though Motherboard cannot say for sure at the moment where the list comes from and how it was compiled. Motherboard ran a series of the email addresses through the website haveibeenpwned.com, which compiles data breaches, and found that each of the addresses we tested have previously been part of known data breaches. Many of them were also confirmed by the site to have been circulated in large aggregated lists of usernames and passwords tracked by the site.

In recent weeks, far-right extremists have become particularly enamoured with sowing disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, stoking protests and anti government sentiment in hopes of creating social chaos. Many experts have openly warned that “accelerationists” followers of violent political doctrine calling for terrorist actions to hasten the collapse of society—have seen an opportunity in the current pandemic to test already weakened governments that are struggling to contain the virus.

Don’t forget other safety issues.

NOVEMBER 5, 2020
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Even though the novel coronavirus is a highly contagious disease, there are other health risks that come with getting intimate. Take this opportunity to get a clean bill of health before setting out into the dating world. “We would strongly recommend getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) before starting to have sex again—even if you don’t have any symptoms,” the experts suggest. “Lockdown has meant that most people have had fewer sexual partners, if any at all, and now is the perfect time to be sure you don’t have an STI and to know what your HIV status is.”


The typical Parkinson’s tremor occurs mostly at rest (“resting tremor”) and lessens during sleep and when the body part is actively in use. For example, your hand might shake while you’re sitting, or even while you’re walking, but when you reach out to shake hands with someone, the tremor is less noticeable or goes away entirely.

Tremor tends to occur in the hands and is often described as “pill-rolling”: imagine holding a pill between your thumb and forefinger and continuously rolling it around. But it can also appear in other parts of the body, including the lower lip, jaw or leg. These tremors can interfere with routine activities such as shaving, dressing, writing and many other tasks that require fine motor coordination.

Some people report an internal tremor, a shaking sensation inside the chest, abdomen or limbs that cannot be seen.

Tremor usually affects only one side of the body, especially during early stages of the disease. With disease progression both sides may become affected. Fatigue, stress or intense emotions can temporarily make tremors worse. Read More!!