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A presentation was made to the National Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) Committee during a meeting held on March 31 over the number of deaths, AEFI hospitalizations and severe AEFI post vaccination against coronavirus in the country. However, the data does not reflect if the deaths were caused due to the vaccine. In this video, we have taken data from various media reports published on April 9. Watch the video for more.
Source: Adverse Reactions To The New Normal

The injured on Friday were sent to at least six hospitals near the crash site.

APRIL 02, 2021

President Tsai Ing-wen is scheduled to visit the injured in Hualien’s hospitals on Saturday morning, and has expressed her sorrow over the loss of so many people.

“It’s regrettable that an accident happened on the first day of holidays, leading to heavy casualties,” she said at a briefing in Taipei on Friday, vowing to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the collision.

China’s Cabinet-level Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) sent its condolences on Friday evening.

“The mainland is highly concerned about the rescue progress,” said Mr Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the TAO. More Information Here!!

Most importantly, the death rate hovers around 1 per day:

By Larry Johnson
Published March 15, 2021 at 9:55pm
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Patients hospitalized since outbreak began: 2,191 (2,188 yesterday)

Patients treated/discharged: 2,548 (2,543 yesterday) {outpatients treated in the ER but not hospitalized and inpatients who have been treated and discharged or cleared by infection control but not yet discharged}

Patient deaths: 226 (no change from yesterday)

It is not just the New York Times working overtime to paint Florida as a horror show. The Los Angeles Times jumped into the act as well:

California has a lower rate of deaths than Florida
If California had Florida’s COVID-19 death rate, roughly 6,000 more Californians would be dead. And if Florida had California’s death rate, roughly 3,000 fewer Floridians would be dead from COVID-19.

For every million residents of California, 1,385 Californians have died of COVID-19. But for every million residents of Florida, 1,538 Floridians have died of COVID-19.

But this is a case of lying with statistics. Consider the following. Florida has a larger number of people over the age of 65 (4.4 million) compared to only 1.8 million in California. We know that the age group most likely to succumb to Covid are the senior set, i.e., 65 and up. You would expect more people would die in Florida given that dramatically larger number of senior citizens running around, especially given that Florida is open for business. But that did not happen. Total deaths in California (as of this writing) is 54,892 dead compared to Florida’s 32,285.

What separates Ron DeSantis from the Governors of New York, California, Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts is that our Governor protected the seniors inhabiting nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Governors of those blue states allowed Covid infected people to be housed in senior facilities. Cuomo reportedly has the blood of more than 13,000 on his hands as a result of his insane policy.

New York’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 may be more than 50 percent higher than officials claim — because Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration hasn’t revealed how many of those residents died in hospitals, state Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday.

As time goes on the policy to battle Covid in Florida will vindicate Governor DeSantis and expose the folly and recklessness of former blue-state darlings like Cuomo and Newsom.

#Covid is not overwhelming #hospital resources in Sarasota:

By Larry Johnson
Published March 15, 2021 at 9:55pm
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Hospital / ICU Capacity
Today’s patient census: 757

Today’s COVID-positive patients total: 32 (34 yesterday)

Today’s ICU census: 58 (64 yesterday)

COVID-positive patients in ICU today: 8 (no change from yesterday)

Total hospital beds: 839

ICU bed capacity: 72

Only 13% of the patients in ICU are there because of Covid. Compare that to November 19, 2020–one out of four (i.e. 25%) of the patients were battling Covid. Total Covid patients as of Friday, March 12? Thirty two. That’s a significant decline from December 15, when there were 78 Covid patients in the hospital.

Portland #Antifa mob moves to Tacoma in response to cop running over man at Fast and Furious-style burnout on Saturday – as rioters smash up court building in another night of left-wing trouble

PUBLISHED: 02:01 EST, 25 January 2021
UPDATED: 11:30 EST, 25 January 2021
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More than 200 Antifa protesters reportedly descended on Tacoma, Washington, where they busted the windows of buildings and set fires in the streets on Sunday, just a day after wreaking havoc in Portland.

Video footage and images showed broken glass scattered on the sidewalk outside of businesses and graffiti sprayed on the side of buildings.

Protesters started at least two fires in the area using a barricade for one and an American flag for the other. Dozens of Tacoma police officers were seen lined up on bikes as protesters approached them.

Late Sunday night, Tacoma police declared an ‘unlawful assembly’ as crowds continued to march through the streets protesting the department after an officer was see running over a man on Saturday

During the incident, a Tacoma Police vehicle is seen plowing through a group of pedestrians swarming it, knocking several people to the pavement, after authorities responded to reports of drag racers in the city’s downtown area.

The short video, which was shot by an onlooker just before 7pm local time on Saturday and later posted online, shows cars with squealing tires turning donuts on downtown streets.

Then the Tacoma Police patrol car – surrounded by people – surges forward, knocking roughly five people to the ground before driving off.

One person can be seen lying on the pavement as the police car’s wheels rolled over him. The severity of his injuries are unclear. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The officer behind the wheel then ‘stopped at a point of safety’ and called for help, according to Tacoma Police.

#COVID-19 Tests Rise More Than 11 PERCENT While Cases And Deaths Continue To Fall, And #Hospitalizations Are Below 50,000 For The First Time Since November

Weekly coronavirus tests rose for the first time after five weeks of decline, even as the number of deaths and those hospitalized from COVID-19 both continue to drop.

The COVID Tracking Project reported that the United States had 1.6million new tests done on Saturday.

There were 71,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, in addition to 1,822 new deaths related to the coronavirus. Click Here To Read More!!

Forcing non-sick people to wear masks is not only a heresy but it is also harmful to health as well as to ecology and is a form of mistreatment :

By United Health Professionals
Global Research, February 18, 2021
United Health Professionals
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– « Dictatorship of masks totally unfounded » (Prof. Christian Perronne, September 22, 2020).

– « The curfew…was used during the German occupation when the militia and the Gestapo went to the houses. And now we’ll have the police making visits to see if there are more than six people at the table ! What is this madness ?! » (Prof. Christian Perronne, October 15, 2020).

– « Every winter in Paris, the ICU beds are totally saturated. We transfer patients…every winter, in normal circumstances » (Prof. Bruno Mégarbane, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, September 27, 2020)

« In neither of the 2 waves… all the ICU were not saturated, it is false ! » (Prof. Michaël Peyromaure, January 18, 2021)

2-Open up economy, schools, universities, air transport and hospital units.
3-Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies

It’s not just the elderly: 19-year-old in hospital ICU after second dose of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

Thursday, February 04, 2021
by: Lance D Johnson
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One of the more serious issues with the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines is their propensity to cause inflammation of the cardiovascular system. The vaccine causes an antigen-specific immune response that may additionally cause an inflammatory immune response along the endothelial lining of blood vessels. If natural viral antigens are present in the endothelial lining of blood vessels at the time of vaccination, the recipient’s immune system may be forced to attack the body’s own cardiovascular system, leading to inflammation and potential cardiovascular events. The damage is more often observed in the elderly, but young people are not immune to this type of vaccine injury. In fact, a healthy 19-year-old was admitted to the ICU after the second dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine caused inflammation of his heart muscle (myocarditis).

Bay Area orders month-long lockdown for 8.5M people at 10pm on Sunday ahead of California’s stay-at-home order as 22,000 daily cases are recorded, 145 people die in 24 hours and hospitalizations hit 10K

PUBLISHED: 17:46 EST, 4 December 2020
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Six San Francisco Bay Area regions issued a new stay-at-home order on Friday as the number of virus cases surge and hospitals fill.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, said on Thursday that the area was exempt from his regional lockdown.

But the local health officials overrode him and decided to pre-emptively enforce a lockdown, to stem what they see as a tsunami of new cases coming their way.

‘We cannot wait until after we have driven off the cliff to pull the emergency [brake],’ said Santa Clara County Health Officer Sara Cody.

The changes will take effect for most of the area at 10pm on Sunday and last through January 4.

The counties have not yet reached Newsom’s threshold, announced a day earlier requiring such an order when 85 per cent of ICU beds at regional hospitals are full, but officials said the hospital system will be overwhelmed before the end of December when Newsom’s order would apply.

Throughout the nation’s battle against the virus, the military has taken an active role.

PUBLISHED: 09:39 EST, 29 January 2021
UPDATED: 15:00 EST, 29 January 2021
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At the height of the pandemic, more than 47,000 National Guard troops were deployed to support the nation’s response including building makeshift hospitals and testing centers.

The drafting in of military assistance for the vaccine program comes as President Biden vowed to embark on a ‘full scale war-time effort’ to beat the pandemic that has so far killed more than 420,000 Americans.

Biden on Monday upped his COVID-19 vaccination goal to 1.5 million doses every day – equivalent to 150 million in his first 100 days in office.

This marked an increase from his promise of 100 million shots in 100 days laid out in the days before he was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

Biden faced criticism for this goal as it emerged the US had already exceeded the pace of 1 million doses per day.

Over the last week, an average of 1.26 million doses have been administered each day.

While the rate of rollout is accelerating, the nation’s vaccination program has fallen far short of targets.

To date, just 27.3 million doses have been administered nationwide in the more than six weeks since the first American got a shot on December 14, according to Bloomberg data.

This is a dismal effort compared to the target of 20 million by the end of December set by the Trump administration and the 100 million Donald Trump even boasted could be achieved by the year end.