(Rollbacks 13 October 2020!!) And with one eye on the Christmas market, the star was offering fans 30% on selected designs – including her latest.

PUBLISHED: 10:38 EDT, 13 October 2020
UPDATED: 18:11 EDT, 13 October 2020
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Recent figures for her swimwear firm, run with ex-husband Arun Nayar, show that it cut its losses from £135,528 in 2018 to £15,847 by the end of 2019.

In February the star insisted she’s too old to wear bikinis in public, saying: ‘I wouldn’t walk round a public beach in a bikini any more.

‘I’m much too old. But, privately, of course.’

“Just imagining if I was in that situation right now, I think the #suicide attempt would have happened a lot earlier, and probably I think I would have succeeded.”

Sun, Feb 28, 2021, 06:01
Motoko Rich, Hikari Hida
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Writing about her challenges, Nao, who is now married, said she wanted to help others who might be feeling desperate, particularly at a time when so many people are sequestered from friends and colleagues. “Knowing someone went through or is going through something similar as you – and knowing that someone is seeking professional help for that and that it actually helped – would encourage people to do a similar thing,” said Nao, who said she wanted to help remove the taboos associated with mental illness in Japan.

Nao’s husband could see how much she struggled with the long working hours and brutal office culture at the consulting firm where they first met. Then, when she quit, she felt adrift.

During the pandemic, women have suffered disproportionate job losses. They made up the bulk of employees within the industries most affected by infection control measures, including restaurants, bars and hotels.

About half of all working women hold part-time or contract jobs, and when business flatlined, companies cut those employees first. In the first nine months of last year, 1.44 million such workers lost their jobs, more than half of them women.

I just felt like I lost everything
Although Nao quit her consulting job voluntarily to seek psychiatric treatment, she remembers feeling wracked with insecurity, no longer able to pay her rent. When she and her then fiance decided to accelerate their wedding plans, her father accused her of being selfish. “I just felt like I lost everything,” she recalled.

Those feelings, she said, triggered the depression that led to her suicide attempt. After spending some time in a psychiatric hospital and continuing medication, her self-confidence improved. She found a four-day-a-week job working in the digital operation of a magazine group and is now able to manage the workload.

In the past, suicide rates in Japan have spiked during times of economic crisis, including after the burst of the property-based bubble in the 1990s and the global downturn in 2008. During those periods, it was men who were most affected by job losses and who killed themselves at higher rates. Historically, suicides among men in Japan have outnumbered those among women by a factor of at least two to one.

Jennifer Lopez flashes her fit frame in a slinky white #bodysuit as she poses in the mirror for ‘#selfcaresunday’

PUBLISHED: 17:03 EST, 28 February 2021
UPDATED: 18:49 EST, 28 February 2021
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She knows the importance of working hard and playing hard.

And Jennifer Lopez was focused on a little self care as she peered into the mirror for a little rest and relaxation while on holiday in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.

The 51-year-old entertainer flashed her fit frame while posing for a mirror selfie as she declared the day ‘#seflcaresunday’ on Instagram.

JLo looked incredible in a high-waisted white bodysuit as she knelt down in front of the mirror for a quick glance.

Earlier in the day she hit the golf course with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, for a quick round in matching whites to mark independence day in the country.

‘Feliz día de la independencia Dominicana ✨✨,’ she said in her caption, which translates to ‘Happy Dominican Independence Day.’

She then added #Macho, which is Alex’s nickname; in the past he has revealed he calls her Macha.

He then said on his own Instagram page: ‘¡Perfección en República Dominicana!’

Both had on white outfits as they he was seen kissing her cheek and then they kissed on her lips.

Jennifer wore a white T-shirt with skintight white jeans, silver hoop earrings and a heavy silver chain necklace with her hair up in a little bun. And she had a pair of sunglasses tucked into her back pocket.

Alex had on a white golfing shirt in a French tuck with gray slacks and a silver watch.

She was seen walking around the grass as she held a black-and-white umbrella.

This comes after Lopez encouraged her fans to show themselves some self-love on Valentine’s Day.

The JLo Beauty founder took to her brand’s social media page to invite followers of the account to fill out one of their self-love templates.

Jennifer wrote: ‘I am youthful and timeless at any age.

‘I am beautiful and radiant. I am limitless and powerful.’

The actress-and-singer also added how everyone’s beauty routine is an ‘expression of love to yourself,’ said the mother to 13-year-old twins Max and Emme.

Underneath a selfie of the In The Morning hitmaker clutching a bottle of her complexion booster serum, Jennifer is quoted as saying: ‘Your daily beauty routine is an expression of love to yourself. And that’s what JLO BEAUTY is about… self-love.’

Meanwhile, the Second Act star recently revealed she and her husband-to-be ‘fight’ over beauty products.

The couple – who have been engaged since March 2019 – both love keeping their skin healthy by using a variety of products, and Jennifer admitted she’s even had arguments with her fiancé over who gets to use their stash of creams and oils.

She said: ‘He loves skincare products. As we were trying all of the products, he was always like, ‘What are you doing? What are you using? Let me get two. Give me some. Give me some! Don’t be cheap, come on.’ I’m like, “It’s a sample! I have to try it for five days. Like, leave it alone!” And we would be fighting over the products.’

Pregnant Christine Quinn puts on a sizzling display in a DEEPLY plunging swimsuit as Selling Sunset star shares behind-the-scenes footage from shoot

PUBLISHED: 04:41 EST, 25 February 2021
UPDATED: 06:40 EST, 25 February 2021
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She has amassed an army of admirers for her show-stopping sense of style on the hit Netflix real estate reality show Selling Sunset.

And Christine Quinn gave her Instagram followers a glimpse at the making one of her memorable looks on Wednesday, when she shared behind-the-scenes footage from her sultry cover shoot for Maxim Australia’s October 2020 cover.

The 32-year-old TV personality – who is expecting her first child with husband Christian Richard, 41 – took to the image-sharing platform to post snaps and footage of herself wearing a deeply plunging black swimsuit.

Standing tall in a pair of towering black heels, the blonde beauty looked sensational as she posed with her golden locks styled in bold voluminous waves.

After exiting the studio setting, let her dramatic sartorial sense shine through as she donned a wide-brimmed black hat while posing outdoors while holding flowers.

Sharp-tongued Texan Christine shared the snaps and footage as she wished photographer and stylist Chris Martin, who was seen in the shots, a happy birthday.

Captioning the uploads, she wrote: ‘Happy birthday to the most wonderful human! Not only is he an amazing creative photography genius, but a wonderful friend. I love you forever.’

Christine’s social media update comes after it was reported that she only told one of her Selling Sunset co-stars she was pregnant before publicly announcing the news.

The outspoken TV personality, who is three months pregnant, is said to have only told Davina Portraz from the show that she was expecting a baby – despite all cast members being invited to her Gothic-themed wedding a year prior.

A source told E! News: ‘Outside of their close families, Christine had only shared the news with Davina [Potratz].’

MailOnline has contacted Christine Quinn’s representatives for comment.

Christine and Davina have developed a close relationship while working together at the Oppenheim Group.

The pair bonded after Christine fell-out with her former BFF Mary Fitzgerald, who also works at the real estate brokerage.

Christine and Christian have been married since December 2019 and the loved-up duo cannot wait to welcome their first child together.

She told People: ‘We happily can share the news that we are going to be parents!

‘I’m a firm believer in manifesting my dreams and until this day, have always done so. This beautiful pregnancy was manifested.

‘We knew that we wanted to create a family in 2021 and I envisioned myself pregnant as I did my daily meditations.’

Christine added she can’t wait to become a mother and embrace the challenge.

She said: ‘We are so grateful to be expecting our first child. I’m so ready for what this next chapter holds and cannot wait to be a mom!’

The star also discussed some of her pregnancy cravings, revealing she’s currently obsessed with Pizza Hut and Dr. Pepper.

Asked what she’s been craving over recent weeks, the TV star shared she has been loving fresh fruit, Pizza Hut pizza and ‘tons of Dr. Pepper’.

Her pregnancy will likely be a major plot point in season four of her Netflix show Selling Sunset which returns soon.

Trent Loos, a sixth-generation Midwestern rancher and farm activist, told me that farmers have a knee-jerk reaction against billionaires “playing Monopoly” with American farmland:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
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“It makes it difficult for young farmers or even those who have farmed for generations, to compete with such deep pockets. It certainly creates a barrier for them. When people with this type of wealth start to buy farms, it makes us wonder what they are really up to. Nobody wants to rent land from Bill Gates, or work as his sharecropper.”

Westbrook says he believes Gates is pursuing a darker agenda. Like Shiva, Westbrook believes that Gates and the other robber barons are using the pretexts of climate, biodiversity, and the zoonotic pandemic threat to get human beings out of the ag business and off the farm. And there is evidence to support him. The Gates Foundation is significantly invested in Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Alphabet has invented “crop sniffing” robots, designed to replace farmers and ranchers, as part of its “Mineral” project. Its “Moonshot” project is “developing and testing a range of software and hardware prototypes based on breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, simulation, sensors, robotics, and more.”

Within a year of purchasing Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos — Gates has a considerable investment in Amazon — also invested heavily in robot-controlled vertical farms that also minimize human involvement with farming.

Says Westbrook, “He wants to get the people off of the farms, get the animals off, and get us all eating his plant-based meats and bug protein.”

“Gates talks about farming as an archaic, quaint, dirty, dangerous, inefficient, barbarous relic from the past that threatens us by increasing the menace of climate change and the risks of global pandemics by putting humans in dangerous contact with microbes,” says Howard Vlieger, an Iowa farmer who has worked as a crop and livestock consultant in the U.S. and Canada since 1992.

Vlieger is an expert on the impacts of pesticides and GMOs on food products and soils. “Gates’ objective is to move the world “away from sustainable and humane animal agriculture that celebrates our contact with the soil and finds good health in our respectful interactions with nature — and toward artificial cows and a grim chemical paradigm that are all features of top-down dystopia. His vision is one of contaminated and unsavory foods and separation of man from nature.”

“Gates seems to have no concept of the joy that ordinary people — people like our family — take in farming,” Nicolette Niman told me. Niman is a California rancher and farmer, and the author of the books “Righteous Porkchop” and “Defending Beef.” Her husband Bill is the founder of Niman Ranch, a co-op of hundreds of small sustainable U.S. cattle and hog growers who market high-quality organic beef and pork from sustainable grass-fed operations.

The blonde beauty wore her locks perfectly curled and let her tresses cascade over her shoulders as she sang into a microphone on stage.

PUBLISHED: 20:02 EST, 5 December 2020
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Denise later slipped into a stunning green velvet jacket dress, leaving all but one of the buttons open to flash her ample cleavage.

Making sure to work all her angles, Denise posed up a storm after the show and flaunted her long legs in patterned tights and black heels.

As well as performing in the cabaret, Denise is also training for the upcoming series of Dancing In Ice in 2021 with pro partner Matt Evers

Matt moved in with Denise, her daughter Betsy, 10, and partner Eddie at the start of lockdown so they could be in the same isolation bubble together while training.

Denise later slipped into a stunning green velvet jacket dress, leaving all but one of the buttons open to flash her ample cleavage.

Making sure to work all her angles, Denise posed up a storm after the show and flaunted her long legs in patterned tights and black heels.

As well as performing in the cabaret, Denise is also training for the upcoming series of Dancing In Ice in 2021 with pro partner Matt Evers

Matt moved in with Denise, her daughter Betsy, 10, and partner Eddie at the start of lockdown so they could be in the same isolation bubble together while training.

Britain’s second lockdown has made training for the show ‘tricky’ however, as most ice rinks are closed, so Denise and Matt have been using ITV’s studio rink.

However there are restrictions in place around its use so they can only have it for a few hours a day.

Although she had classical dance training as a child, Denise has found skating more difficult than she had anticipated.

The star thought she would pick things up quickly but admitted she struggled to master even some of the more basic moves.

Denise recently cited her daughter Betsy as the reason she wouldn’t be taking too many risks on the ice.

The star shares her daughter Betsy with her ex-husband Lee Mead, who she was married to from 2009 to 2013.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook Magazine, Denise said: ‘I won’t take any risks on the ice for my daughter’s sake.’

One of the show’s most nail biting moves is the headbanger, where a skater is swung around with their head being raised and lowered, often dangerously close to the ice.

The star will be competing against the likes of Myleene Klass, Billie Faiers, and Rebekah Vardy on the new series.

Why Your Wife Seems Angry and How to Fix It

Not that long ago, I was having one of “those” days as a mom. I was feeling bitter and frustrated and somewhat resentful, and yes, angry. My husband came to me and asked if I was ok, and also mentioned that lately it seemed like I was always angry at him. At first I balked at the suggestion. I wasn’t angry at him. Or was I? So I thought about it for a bit. And I told him how it makes me crazy that he gets to shower with the door shut, or poop without someone banging on the door as if the house is on fire.

I told him how frustrating it is that no one ever wakes him up in the middle of the night to ask how big the universe is, or to demand snuggles or water. I explained how maddening it is that he gets to eat hot food while it’s still hot, and how his pants from three years ago still fit. And the more things I listed, and the more I heard myself I realized that I was, in fact, angry. Now these are all very trivial sounding issues if you look at one, but when you look at all of them, and you figure in the fact that they are daily events, they do build up over time and begin to become a real problem. And even though these things were not directly my husband’s fault, he was the only other adult in the house. So I started to think of ways that we might be able to deal with some of these issues and help me to be less angry. Click Here To Read More!!

Chloe Madeley and husband James Haskell ‘are set to share saucy snaps on OnlyFans after joining the racy subscription service’

PUBLISHED: 19:51 EST, 5 December 2020
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Chloe Madeley and husband James Haskell have reportedly joined OnlyFans.

According to reports on Saturday, the presenter, 33, and former rugby player, 35, are keen to share saucy snaps on the racy subscription service.

The happy couple are said to be ‘open-minded’ about the new venture, and will also take the opportunity to use it to share fitness videos.

A source speaking to The Sun claimed: ‘Chloe and James are really open-minded and will have fun making content, from sultry snaps to fitness videos. They’re excited to get creative and have control.

‘They’re both fitness gurus so they have no hang-ups about showing off their bodies and are hoping some content will be educational.’

The couple join the likes of Megan Barton Hanson and Kerry Katona on the x-rated website, which allows fans to pay a monthly subscription fee to access racy content.

MailOnline has contacted Chloe and James’ representatives for comment.

The reports come after Chloe caused a stir last month by revealing that her husband James often makes sexual advances in the middle of ‘dangerous’ situations.

Speaking during an episode of their Couples Quarantine podcast, Chloe admitted that James often gets amorous when she is at the stove.

She said: ‘He loves prawns pil pil, so that’s like hot, spitting, boiling oil and I’m like cooking it, and then he’ll come up behind me and feel me up.

She spoke of their separation: ‘My ex-husband loved fancy dress and possibly why, that could have been one of the reasons why we split, the dealbreaker.

PUBLISHED: 08:59 EST, 5 December 2020
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‘That did it for him and me. He loved nothing more than a fancy dress party and would be like “brilliant”. I think it’s a certain type of person That likes fancy dress. It literally makes me feel a bit nauseous.’

However there is a high chance that Kirsty won’t be out on the tiles, whether it’s fancy dress or not, as he revealed she is usually in bed by 9pm.

She said: ‘I felt a bit nonplussed. If I’m not in bed by 9pm it’s very strange. I’m very boring. I’ve got a ten year old Jude and I want him in bed by nine pm and Oscar is weekly boarding. If Oscars at home he can stay up in his room a bit.’

‘Any great outfit starts with great underwear!’ Kirsty Gallacher, 44, flaunts her breathtaking figure in a skimpy lingerie set

PUBLISHED: 08:59 EST, 5 December 2020
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She is known for her incredible figure.

And Kirsty Gallacher looked stunning in black lingerie on Saturday, despite recently opening up about the ‘stress’ of becoming a single mother.

The TV star and mother-of-two, 44, who split from Paul Sampson after five years of marriage and a 15-year relationship in 2015, displayed her toned physique in a seamless black bra and matching briefs from Sloggi.

She tucked her brunette tresses back in a neat ponytail and wore a soft make-up look as she candidly smiled in the social media snap.

The sports presenter shares sons Oscar, 13, and Jude, 10, with her rugby ace ex-husband Paul, 43.

Speaking to Closer magazine recently, Kirsty asserted: ‘For me, the hardest thing about the pandemic has been the loneliness. I’ve been on an emotional journey, but I feel I’ve now come out stronger than ever.’

Admitting that she has been ‘struggling quite a lot’ over recent years, Kirsty found that the ‘knock-backs’ have actually been positive learning curves.

Kirsty also confessed that becoming a single mum had a negative impact on her mental health, but lockdown forced her to find ways to ‘cope with being by herself’.

She said: ‘Becoming a single mum sent my stress levels through the roof. Being by myself for the past few months has certainly taught me to be strong.’

In March, Kirsty was forced to quarantine herself away from her two children while she battled coronavirus, but constantly worried about their wellbeing.

As well as citing Gabby Logan and Dermot O’Leary as some of her best friends, the sports presenter credits brother-in-law Russell Brand – who married Kirsty’s sister Laura in 2017 – for always giving her ‘great advice.’

In October, Kirsty also revealed her hatred of fancy dress was a factor in her divorce from her ex-husband who ‘loved’ dressing up.

The television presenter claimed she can’t stand fancy dress and has never been to a themed party because she refuses to go on any ‘gimmicky nights out’.