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I know we are killing off several for sure…she should have told them F*** You at the end instead of Thank you. You don’t need to be polite to assholes and murderers.


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Mike Adams of Natural News Interviewed by Info Wars. The vaccinated are going to be killing the vaccinated. The CDC website has a zombie section.

How is #killing diversity supporting diversity? Only George Orwell can make sense of that kind of thinking.

Friday, March 05, 2021
by: JD Heyes
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And what’s more, as The Epoch Times pointed out, the change came in August 2020 and was made without the e-tailer telling its customers.

So, not only is Amazon less diverse, they aren’t very transparent, either.

“The change apparently occurred prior to Feb. 24 when JustTheNews reported on the new policy. The report followed the banning of ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,’ a 2018 book by Ryan Anderson, president of the Washington-based think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center,” The Epoch Times reported.

Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as “diversity of thought” on the left. They are Marxists, pure and simple, which by definition means they are authoritarians that demand conformity. Just like in China, increasingly again in Russia, in Cuba, and every other tyrannical country, the people cannot be ‘free thinkers’ — they have to be conformists, and if they’re not, they are punished. 

Leftists actually punish people in America who don’t agree with them or believe as they do. That’s what the whole ‘cancel culture’ movement is about; big tech platforms used to de-person people from society, erase their presence, and keep them subdued and hidden along with their ‘hate speech’ ideas. It’s obscene that such behavior is permitted in the one country where freedom of thought, speech and expression were all codified in our founding governing document.

As for Anderson, he has yet to be informed as to why his book has been deplatformed.

“A week after they removed my book, Amazon still refuses to say which aspect of their ‘content policy’ the book violates (after three years of not violating that policy). And they refuse to say which page of the book commits the offense,” he told The Epoch Times.

We know the answer; Amazon’s leftists have deemed it not worthy of merit and thus it, along with Anderson, have been canceled.

Because tyrants must have conformity to rule.

“#Women have to look after their families’ health, and they have to look after cleanliness and can get looked down upon if they are not doing it right.”

Sun, Feb 28, 2021, 06:01
Motoko Rich, Hikari Hida
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In one widely publicised account, a 30-something woman who had been recuperating from the virus at home killed herself. The Japanese media seized on her note expressing anguish over the possibility that she had infected others and caused them trouble, while experts questioned whether shame may have driven her to despair.

We don’t basically support you if you are not ‘one of us’
“Unfortunately, the current tendency is to blame the victim,” said Michiko Ueda, an associate professor of political science at Waseda University in Tokyo who has researched suicide. Ueda found in surveys last year that 40 per cent of respondents worried about social pressure if they contracted the virus. “We don’t basically support you if you are not ‘one of us’,” said Ueda. “And if you have mental health issues you are not one of us.”

Experts have also worried that a succession of Japanese film and television stars who took their own lives last year may have spurred a string of copycat suicides. After Yuko Takeuchi, a popular, award-winning actress, took her life in late September, the number of women taking their own lives in the following month jumped by close to 90 per cent compared to the previous year.

Shortly after Takeuchi’s death, Nao (30) started writing a blog to chronicle her lifelong battles with depression and eating disorders. She wrote candidly about her suicide attempt three years earlier.

Such openness about mental health struggles is still relatively rare in Japan. The celebrity suicides prompted Nao, whose family name has been withheld at her request to protect her privacy, to reflect on how she might have reacted if she had hit her emotional nadir during the pandemic. “When you’re at home alone, you feel very isolated from society and that feeling is really painful,” she said.

Hal Turner Remarks

These 1170 dead after receiving the so-called “vaccine” are just the start, the tip of the iceberg. There will likely be many, many, more.

This “vaccine” is not a vaccine in any traditional sense. It does not contain any elements of the novel coronavirus which allegedly causes the disease COVID-19. Instead, this “vaccine” is actually experimental gene therapy which irreversibly alters a recipient’s DNA.

Scientists claim that their artificial “messenger RNA” which is what the “vaccine” actually contains, instructs the human body at the DNA level as to how to look for and respond to a specific protein on the surface of the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

Once this “vaccine” is injected, it begins snipping parts of human DNA within cells, which alters the DNA of that person.

When tested on animals, 100 of the animals injected, died.

Rather than take this as a warning sign to stop what they were doing, scientists instead asked for — and got — a waiver from animal testing!

So this “vaccine” kills any animals injected with it. Is there any surprise thousands of people are dropping dead when it is injected into them?

Here’s the worst part:

When exposed to novel coronavirus in the wild, a person injected with this “vaccine” ends-up suffering a HYPER-IMMUNE RESPONSE which kills them.

Their immune systems go into a sort of hyper drive, a Cytokine storm – which then kills the person.

Within about 6 months, it is believed by many that so many humans will be dying from THE VACCINE, that government will try to cover it up by claiming a new mutation of COVID has come into being, and will blame this new (non-existent_ strain for the deaths.

Some Doctors are privately telling media outlets they expect fifty percent of the people receiving this new “vaccine” to be DEAD within 6 months. Click Here To Read More!!

COVID Vaccine Kills 1,170 and counting

The CDC and FDA received 1,170 reports of fatalities among individuals in the U.S. who received a Covid vaccine — 0.003% of vaccinated people — between Dec. 14, and Feb. 7. During this time, over 41 million doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines were administered across the country, according to the CDC.

“Typically, COVID-19 vaccine deaths can be attributed to anaphylaxis and occur within a relatively short period after the vaccine is given, which is why monitoring is done,” said Dr. Gary Anthone, Nebraska’s chief medical officer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will investigate the death of a Nebraska man after local health officials listed the Covid-19 vaccine as one of several causes of death, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services said in a press release late Thursday.

The man, a long-term care facility resident in his late forties with several co-exisiting diseases and conditions, died on Jan. 17 between one and two weeks after receiving his first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the statement.

“While I cannot speculate on this case, when individuals die days or weeks after the vaccine has been administered, it is more likely due to other underlying factors,” Anthone said.

The death was entered into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a national vaccine safety surveillance program run by CDC and the Food and Drug Administration. All adverse events or fatalities must be reported to the system whenever they occur after vaccination.

“This process allows the CDC and FDA to closely monitor and assess any adverse events, for ongoing safety evaluations,” the state health department said in a statement.

The CDC has not reported any patterns in cause of death that would suggest safety issues with the vaccines. However just because they haven’t REPORTED any patterns does not mean they don’t already see — or know — a pattern. Government is rarely forthcoming with information that it doesn’t want published.

Individuals with high-risk conditions should consult their medical providers regarding vaccination, Anthone said.Click Here To Read More!!  

“Covid has killed more people that the Vietnam War and the Gulf Wars combined in a single year, therefore your freedoms are forfeit…”

By Brandon Smith
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This is an idiotic talking point but luckily no one is buying it. Over 40% of Covid deaths are people that are already sick and on the verge of dying anyway (And no, refusing to wear masks is not the same as endorsing “death panels”, because a death panel is about socialists refusing treatment to people at risk because of their age. No one is suggesting that old people be refused treatment, and they always have the option of staying under quarantine if they fear they will become infected. They are already retired and receiving social security, perhaps if we are going to stimulate then the bailout money should go to those most at risk so that the rest of us can continue on with normal life?)

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from diseases and illnesses including the flu, common colds and pneumonia, yet, the prospect of abandoning the Bill of Rights, submitting to economic shutdowns and wearing a muzzle on our faces wherever we go was never brought up before.

Why should we ask 99.7% of Americans or the world to accept medical tyranny just to make .26% of the population feel safe? People who question the mandates are called “selfish”, but even if I was one of the people susceptible to the virus, I would NEVER demand that 99% of the population bow to totalitarianism at the off chance that I might live a little while longer. Now THAT would be selfish.

As more and more studies and data are released, the mask mandates are also coming into question. Though Big Tech has sought to suppress or censor studies that run contrary to the mainstream narrative, this has only led more people to question the motivations of governments pushing the mandates. After all, the mainstream media keeps saying that we should “listen to the science”, but they ignore or censor the science. So, if the pandemic response is not based in science, then it must only be about control.

Many Americans are not as stupid as the elites think. They see the inconsistencies in the rhetoric and the data and they are increasingly prone to refuse to comply. This might be why the establishment is suddenly rushing out at least two Covid vaccines in the span of half a year; they have to get the vaccine phase of the Reset underway before too many people jump from the panic bandwagon.

The vaccine rush and the claims of effectiveness of 94% to 95% from Pfizer and Moderna are suspect. The average effectiveness of most vaccines is around 50% or less, and these are vaccines with hundreds of trials and years of usage. Somehow, Pfizer and Moderna were both able to produce a vaccine for a SARS type virus when multiple governments tried for over a decade to produce vaccines for SARS in China and were unsuccessful, and they were able to achieve 95% effectiveness?