Your #partner blames you for their own emotions

​Yeah, if you call them a name and it hurts them, you’ve got to take responsibility.

But if you partner is having a bad day and blame your for not doing anything about it, your partner should learn to communicate with you instead of lashing out.

Your partner expect your entire life to revolve around your emotional wellbeing. More Information Here!!

You can’t seem to do anything right

Constant criticism is never a good sign – and if you feel it’s more than just innocent teasing, it probably is.

Bonoir told
Some people will defend their partner, and say: “It’s all in good fun, that’s just how we treat each other.’

But if they’re making fun of you over and over again, you’re not going to feel valued or accepted for who you really are.

Likewise, if they are highly critical of their past partners, this is a definite red flag. Elinor Greenberg, a psychologist, told The Independent:

When people describe all of their exes as terrible people and put all the blame on them for the relationship’s failure, this is a red flag for me.

It practically shouts: ‘I cannot take any responsibility for whatever went wrong. I have not learned anything from these relationships. It is totally up to you to make our relationship work.’ More Information Here!!

You communicate with each other passive aggressively

Instead of stating a thought overtly, your partner tries to nudge you into doing something.

This suggests that you don’t feel comfortable with one another, and are scared of judgement or criticism.

It’s much healthier to state your fears and desires, however intimate, openly.

Telling your partner ‘I’m fine’ when your clearly not is a not a fine way to communicate. More Information Here!!

Your #partner wants you all to themselves

Possessive partners are often overly jealous and controlling, stripping away your independence and trying to control who you spend your time with.

It often originates from feelings of insecurity. But over time, you should be able to trust each other. More Information Here!!

The two went #Instagram official with their #relationship in February, but they’ve been friends going back years.

PUBLISHED: 18:53 EDT, 14 March 2021
UPDATED: 19:22 EDT, 14 March 2021
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Earlier this month, the musician shared a sultry photo of Kourtney posing on a bed in platform heels to mark International Women’s Day.

Kardashian shares sons Mason, 11, and Reign, six, plus daughter Penelope, eight, with her former partner Scott Disick, 37, whom she dated from 2006–2015.

Barker was previously married to model Shanna Moakler, whom he shares 17-year-old son Landon Asher and 15-year-old daughter Alabama Luella.

Travis and Shanna were married from 2004 until their divorce in 2008. Despite legally separating, the pair would continue to have an on/off romance until 2014.

#Women with more than 10 #sexual #partners have a greater risk of being diagnosed with #cancer

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
by: Zoey Sky
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Most people know that having multiple sexual partners puts you at risk for various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Now, according to an alarming study published in the journal BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, researchers have discovered that women who have multiple sexual partners are also more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

Victoria Silvstedt, 46, displays her toned figure in a floral print #bikini as she returns to St. Barts after Miami trip

PUBLISHED: 14:12 EST, 23 February 2021
UPDATED: 14:40 EST, 23 February 2021
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She recently enjoyed a trip to Miami with her partner amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And Victoria Silvstedt continued to have fun in the sun as she returned to the Nikki Beach resort in St. Barts on Tuesday.

The supermodel, 46, caught the eye as she displayed her toned figure in a floral print bikini while enjoying a dip in the sea.

Showcasing her tanned complexion, the catwalk star stunned in her tiny two-piece, which featured a classic triangle bikini and matching briefs.

The Playboy icon added a touch of glamour to her look by accessorising with a chunky gold chain and cat-eye shades.


AUGUST 07, 2020 11:14 AM
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Right now, the safest sex is the with yourself, Kelly-Jones said.

Masturbation brings a low level of infection but can also yield sexual pleasure and intimacy that many seek during social-distancing.

Other options for how to have sex with someone outside of your household is to wear masks, a suggestion issued by a commentary from Harvard researchers in May.

However, there have been preliminary studies to determine if COVID-19 can be transmitted sexually. Kelly-Jones said there is more work to be done on that hypothesis, and that COVID-19 has been found in the sperm of people who have the coronavirus.

The International Society for the Study of Women’s Health, which Kelly-Jones is a member of, issued a position statement in May on COVID-19 and sex. ISSWSH stated that kissing and other forms of sexual contact can transmit the virus. “ISSWSH supports social distancing for all casual acquaintances, for discordant couples, or when either member of a couple is possibly infected,” the organization stated. “The new “really safe” sex in many cases may require “e-sex,” (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).”

Kelly-Jones emphasized that the decision to date and become intimate during this time is an individual one.

“A lot of it is just on your comfort level — what are you comfortable with?” Kelly-Jones asked.

“Everybody has to kind of take into account the risk versus the benefit of everything that they do, including exposure to the virus,” she said.


AUGUST 07, 2020 11:14 AM
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“Human beings are hardwired for connection,” Kelly-Jones said.

This sense of connection is often rooted in the physical, and establishing that connection starts with your facial expression.

But with a mask, reactions and emotions are harder to share organically, Kelly-Jones said.

“Human connection starts with eye contact and that smile,” Kelly-Jones said. “And we’ve eliminated half of that.”

After first reaching out through facial expression, intimacy often then progresses from hand-holding, to hugging and potentially kissing — all actions not conducive to the requirements of social distancing.

How people are affected by this lack of connection differs between individuals. “Some people are fine with this,” Kelly-Jones said. “Other people are really starving for the human connection.”

For individuals already in a relationship, the best way to achieve this form of connection is to seek a deeper and more vulnerable openness with your partner, Kelly-Jones said. Having intentional conversations and intimacy “feeds the soul of our humanness.”

Twitter chief partners with and rap mogul Jay-Z to back Bitcoin

AFP, San Francisco
Published: 13 February ,2021: 07:09 AM GST
Updated: 13 February ,2021: 08:22 AM GST
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Twitter chief Jack Dorsey on Friday put out word that he and rap mogul Jay-Z are creating a fund devoted to making bitcoin digital money “the internet’s currency.”

Dorsey, who is also founder and chief of financial services and mobile payments firm Square, said in a tweet that he and Jay-Z are giving 500 bitcoin to fund an independent endowment called “Btrust.”

That amount of the cryptocurrency was worth about $24 million on Friday.

“It will be set up as a blind irrevocable trust, taking zero direction from us,” Dorsey said, adding that the fund would initially focus on bitcoin development teams in Africa and India.

He said three board members were being sought, adding a link to an online application that stated the mission is to “make bitcoin the internet’s currency.”

Launched in 2009, bitcoin has been on a meteoric rise since March, when it stood at $5,000, spurred by online payments giant PayPal saying it would allow account holders to use cryptocurrency.

Tesla this week announced a $1.5 billion investment in the digital money and plans to accept the cryptocurrency from customers buying its electric vehicles.

The announcement came on the heels of a cheeky social media embrace of bitcoin by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who temporarily changed his Twitter bio to simply read “#bitcoin.”

On Friday, Canada’s main securities regulator cleared the launch of the world’s first exchange-traded bitcoin fund, giving retail investors greater access to the booming cryptocurrency.

Skeptics say bitcoin is highly volatile and regulators warn it is vulnerable to illicit use.

Bitcoin on Friday touched a new high of $48,930 after MasterCard and US bank BNY Mellon moved to make it easier for people to use the cryptocurrency.