Courtney Stodden flaunts her curves in a black bikini to promote health and body positivity amid coronavirus quarantine

PUBLISHED: 02:16 EST, 20 March 2020
UPDATED: 09:33 EST, 20 March 2020
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She’s a model and multi-media personality who has never been shy when it comes to showing off her famous curves.

And on Thursday, Courtney Stodden took to Instagram to promote body positivity by sharing a photo of herself posing in a black bikini.

‘When I came to Hollywood I was under 95. Sickly thin,’ she began in the caption.

Now I’m well over 100 and feel happier than ever. Embrace your healthy self in quarantine,’ she added along with the hashtags #bodypositive and #quarantine’

While seemingly in home quarantine, the 25-year old appeared to strike her pose near her kitchen with her pet pooch walking about in the background.

She proudly had both of her hands at her side and her left leg crossed over her right.

The Washington state native rounded out her revealing ensemble with her shoulder-length platinum tresses pulled back into a small ponytail and dark sunglasses on the top of her head.

Just four days earlier, Stodden shared a couple of revealing snaps of herself in sexy black lingerie to showcase her new, shorter hair style, as well as her recently finalized divorce..

‘All this stress and now I’m divorced. Nothing like new hair to mend the soul right ladies?’ she wrote in the caption with the hashtag: ‘#newhair’

Kylie Jenner’s friend Anastasia ‘Stassie Baby’ Karanikolaou poses in lingerie to grab the attention of millennials as she urges them to self-isolate

PUBLISHED: 10:11 EST, 20 March 2020
UPDATED: 10:59 EST, 20 March 2020
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Kylie Jenner urged her 166M followers to stay home – something she has already been doing all week – on Thursday after the Surgeon General of the US requested she do so.

And now her best friend Anastasia ‘Stassie Baby’ Karanikolaou is also taking to social media to let young people know they have to do their part to stop the spread of coronavirus and stay indoors.

The blonde model stripped down to her black undies to get her fans’ attention.

‘I’ve been social distancing and self quarantining for days now, not that i feel sick, just doing my part in taking the precautions to make sure everyone stays safe,’ began the star as she was seen cooking in her kitchen.

‘You may not be worried because you’re healthy and will be fine but you could still be a carrier and affect others with low immune systems.

‘It’s not just about you. we all need to do our part to keep everyone safe from this.

Shanghai under lockdown due to local outbreak

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Thursday, February 04, 2021
by: Arsenio Toledo


The rollout of coronavirus vaccines is being hampered by the fact that the city has come under lockdown due to a small outbreak of cases in the Zhaotong residential community in the Huangpu District directly to the south of Jing’an. A handful of cases were also imported into Shanghai.

According to CCP-backed tabloid Global Times, contact tracers believe as many as 15,000 people may have come into contact with the infected or might share some overlapping travel histories.

The Zhaotong compound has been closed down. All shops and other commercial enterprises have been forced to shut down, and nobody is allowed to come in or go out of the community. Hotels in the area have been shut down, with customers and staff being sent to hotels further away to spend two weeks in isolation.

Before entering any residential complex, visitors are forced to submit their health QR codes and to comply with temperature checks, and face masks are once again mandatory, even if there is no outbreak in the district where the person lives.

Areas that have been designated by the health commission as “medium risk” have been ordered to undergo a 14-day home quarantine, and are required to submit two coronavirus tests. Those living in high-risk areas have been placed under “central quarantine.”

The Shanghai municipal government has begun a mass testing campaign, with the goal of testing every single person that may have come into contact with the infected individuals.

Coronavirus outbreaks are popping up in other parts of the country as well, such as in Hebei and Tianjin, two provinces that surround Beijing. Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan even blamed the outbreak in Hebei on people attending religious gatherings, while other officials blamed weddings and funerals.  

Chloe Madeley and husband James Haskell ‘are set to share saucy snaps on OnlyFans after joining the racy subscription service’

PUBLISHED: 19:51 EST, 5 December 2020
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Chloe Madeley and husband James Haskell have reportedly joined OnlyFans.

According to reports on Saturday, the presenter, 33, and former rugby player, 35, are keen to share saucy snaps on the racy subscription service.

The happy couple are said to be ‘open-minded’ about the new venture, and will also take the opportunity to use it to share fitness videos.

A source speaking to The Sun claimed: ‘Chloe and James are really open-minded and will have fun making content, from sultry snaps to fitness videos. They’re excited to get creative and have control.

‘They’re both fitness gurus so they have no hang-ups about showing off their bodies and are hoping some content will be educational.’

The couple join the likes of Megan Barton Hanson and Kerry Katona on the x-rated website, which allows fans to pay a monthly subscription fee to access racy content.

MailOnline has contacted Chloe and James’ representatives for comment.

The reports come after Chloe caused a stir last month by revealing that her husband James often makes sexual advances in the middle of ‘dangerous’ situations.

Speaking during an episode of their Couples Quarantine podcast, Chloe admitted that James often gets amorous when she is at the stove.

She said: ‘He loves prawns pil pil, so that’s like hot, spitting, boiling oil and I’m like cooking it, and then he’ll come up behind me and feel me up.

China rolls out anal swab coronavirus test, saying it’s more accurate than throat method

Eva Dou
Jan. 27, 2021 at 1:27 a.m. PST
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Months-long lockdowns. Entire city populations herded through the streets for mandatory testing. The people of China could be forgiven for thinking they had seen it all during the coronavirus pandemic.

But now they face a new indignity: the addition of anal swabs — yes, you read that right — to the testing regimen for those in quarantine.

Chinese state media outlets introduced the new protocol in recent days, prompting widespread discussion and some outrage. Some Chinese doctors say the science is there. Recovering patients, they say, have continued to test positive through samples from the lower digestive tract days after nasal and throat swabs came back negative.

Yet for many, it seemed a step too far in government intrusions after a year and counting of a dignity-eroding pandemic.

“Everyone involved will be so embarrassed,” one user in Guang­dong province said Wednesday on ­Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. In a Weibo poll, 80 percent of respondents said they “could not accept” the invasive method.

Biometrics are just one group among a range of AI technologies that governments around the world are deploying or considering as they attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, and normal cautions regarding data privacy (such as they are) may be cast aside, according to our most widely-read story of the week.

Facial recognition is one technology which may be used, along with location tracking, social media mining and others.

There are now 100,000 cameras in Moscow’s surveillance camera network hooked up to facial recognition algorithms, and they are watching for the thousands of residents on compulsory quarantine, the Bangkok Post reports. China’s government meanwhile has launched a requirement that citizens use a color-coded rating system for COVID-19 contagion risk added to Alipay, CPO Magazine reports. The new Alipay Health Code is live in 200 cities, and will roll out across the country, applying green, yellow or red status to individuals, who the report says have in some cases been mystified by and receive only vague explanations for their status.

This represents the blunt end of the surveillance advance that civil liberties advocates are worried about in light of pandemic containment efforts.

Zoom is enjoying a boom in popularity as a way for people to connect not just for work, but socially, but Consumer Reports Director of Privacy and Technology Policy Justin Brookman suggests the company should update its terms of service to ensure that video data it collects is not used to train facial recognition. The video conferencing service offers fairly typical terms, but many users, particularly new ones, may not understand what they entail, the group writes.

COVID-19 was also behind a popular article on the suggestion by House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters to disburse government aid to individuals using a digital currency backed by a state ledger and digital ID. A proposal from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi originally contained a similar provision, which did not make it to the final draft.