It’s called “#Christian privilege.”

American liberals have been apologizing for years for their white privilege and their heterosexual privilege. The neo-Marxist bullies order them to repent of their ancestral sins, and they take a knee.

But that’s just the opening salvo in an increasingly divisive information war against the American psyche.

It starts in the schools and ends up in the work place.

If pushing white privilege/white guilt has led to the re-racialization of American society, and preaching trasgenderism has led to the sexualization of society, then the marketing of Christian privilege will lead to religious bigotry against any American who clings to the core elements of traditional Christianity. Their faith will be relentlessly attacked, challenged, “fact-checked,” debunked and disrespected until finally, if possible, it is broken.

The demonization of Christianity is already implied in the years-long rage against so-called white privilege. Because white people came to America from Europe and European civilization was uniquely Christian from the time of Constantine, it is Christianity that the neo-Marxist progressives really hate and seek to discredit even more than whiteness. More Information Here!!