#Video: 28 of 35 #women test #positive and 3 of them die after getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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28 of 35 women test positive and 3 of them die after getting vaccine

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

Video: 39-year-old #woman #dies within hours of getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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39-year-old woman, Brittany Hall Perez, dies within hours of getting vaccine

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

#Video: 2-year-old girl #dies after getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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2-year-old girl dies after getting vaccine.

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

#Video: Aussie Regulators To #Doctors & #Nurses: Speak Out Against #Vaccines, Lose Your Licenses

Tim Truth

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Source: Adverse Reactions To The New Normal

Cops Force-#Vaccinate Special Needs Girls In Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program

by Jamie White
April 12th 2021, 5:10 pm

Horrific video out of California shows LAPD officers forcibly administer the COVID-19 vaccine to a trio of women with special needs who were forcefully resisting the shot.

The footage shows a terrified special needs woman struggling to escape getting jabbed while being constrained by two officers as the third officer sticks the needle in her arm.

“I’ll be gentle, ok? I’ll be gentle,” the officer with the vaccine said.

“Noooooo!” the woman screamed.

After forcibly injecting her with the experimental mRNA vaccine, the officers then clapped as the woman continued wailing.

Another special needs girl is seen in a driveway trying to escape the officers with the vaccine before also getting jabbed.

Next, the officers appeared to administer the COVID-19 to a sleeping patient with Alzheimer’s disease without her knowledge or consent.

“There you go, piece of cake. It’s okay hon, we just gave you a vaccination, that’s all,” the female officer said as the woman began to wake up.

This disturbing footage is part of Los Angeles’ Operation Homebound, which the LA County Sheriff’s Department says is a “program designed to vaccinate the most underrepresented, homebound, and underserved disabled residents in our communities, including those experiencing homelessness.”

“We are administering the Johnson & Johnson (1 shot only) vaccine utilizing our deputy sheriff personnel who are certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians,” the website states. “LASD is working with local community based organizations like ‘Integrated Community Collaborative’ and ‘Disability Voices United’ to connect with LA County residents most in need, go to their residences, and provide them this life-saving opportunity.”

This particular state-run vaccine initiative appears to be just another insidious form of the eugenics operation already underway as the vaccine is being rolled out across the world. More Information Here!!


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Talking about the body being a biological computer system over 10 years ago. He also talks about how they will play the vaccinated against the non vaccinated.
Source: David Icke

#Video: Bombshell Video Exposing #NANOBOTS INSIDE #COVID #VACCINES !! TNTV


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F.O.I Request shows 2,207 died within 28 days of having the #Covid #Vaccine in Scotland during February

By The Daily Expose
March 30, 2021

The request for the information was made on the 20th February 2021 and asked –

“Could you please provide the total number of deaths for any reason within 28 days of having a Covid vaccine from the start of the vaccination roll out date?”

To which Public Health Scotland responded with –

“Using the latest mortality data available (Up to 26th February), 2,207 people have died within 28 days of vaccination (number of days between vaccine and death is 0-27 where 0 is the day of vaccination).”

But Public Health Scotland then added a caveat to this data by stating –

“Please note that these deaths are due to any cause, PHS is not currently aware of any deaths in Scotland that are considered conclusively linked to vaccination.”

That’s great but isn’t it slightly hypocritical to apply this logic to vaccination deaths? When this logic has been absent for the past 12 months in relation to Covid deaths.

The daily death figures of Covid-19 deaths which are plastered on every news channel, and newspaper daily are totalled via counting any deaths that occur within 28 days of a positive test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that allegedly caused Covid-19. This means that if somebody is to die crossing the road, but they had received a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 in the 28 days prior, they are added to the daily Covid death statistics.

Daily Covid death statistics which have been used to justify 12 months of dictatorial tyranny. Death statistics which have been used to scare a naive majority into compliance. Death statistics which have been used to decimate the economy, destroy small business, ruin livelihoods, and damage mental health.

So are the authorities telling us it’s okay to use this logic to count deaths when it comes to something as serious as essentially destroying millions of lives? But it’s not okay to use this logic to count deaths when it comes to taking an experimental vaccine? Which is in stage three trials until 2023, and is only authorised for emergency use meaning the manufacturer is not liable for any adverse reaction resulting in injury.

Wake up and smell the roses people, it’s now or never.


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Source: Rebel News