#Video: 28 of 35 #women test #positive and 3 of them die after getting #vaccine

The Prisoner

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28 of 35 women test positive and 3 of them die after getting vaccine

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

#Video: #Sex #Trafficking in America (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Mar 30, 2021

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This 2019 documentary tells the stories of young women coerced into prostitution – and follows one police unit that’s committed to rooting out sexual exploitation.

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Award-winning director Jezza Neumann and producer Lauren Mucciolo (“Poor Kids”) embed with the Phoenix police unit that’s tackling child sexual exploitation, offering an inside look at the lucrative industry through unique access to a series of undercover, high-stakes police operations. They also film with young women who have escaped the trade. Using fake online ads as decoys, the Phoenix police unit targets both the traffickers luring young women into prostitution, and the “buyers” – many of whom claim to not know that the girls they interact with are victims of trafficking. With extensive and intimate access to local law enforcement, prosecutors, service providers and the women themselves, the film shines a light on the hidden reality of sex trafficking in America.

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A TRANNY. Its an Agenda, see the links below. They are saying first ever. I doubt it. First time they are admitting to it and not trying to hide it maybe. I can see it now. I could write the story. From Drag Queen to Beauty Queen? From Gay bars to Limo Cars?

We can have the “Beauty Queen Story Hour” for kids. Get the Judge up in Wisconsin to manage it. He is looking for a new gig. He will get probation anyway, he is not going anywhere for any long amount of time. Maybe she can get Wolverine Steel Toed Boots to sponsor her?

She is primed to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Hate to bust your bubble but that is the secret by the way. Boys will be girls in modeling for VS. More blurring of the lines. Like so many other things they are shoving in our face this is another abomination. Don’t you know the real girls are just thrilled over this?

What do you want to bet she wins at least Miss Nevada? Maybe much more. Anything can be bought these days look at the twisted sick crap they are putting out right now. Do you think any major event or competition is not bought and paid for/bribed for/compromised/blackmailed? Think again. IT’S EVERYWHERE.

#Women with more than 10 #sexual #partners have a greater risk of being diagnosed with #cancer

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
by: Zoey Sky
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Most people know that having multiple sexual partners puts you at risk for various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Now, according to an alarming study published in the journal BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, researchers have discovered that women who have multiple sexual partners are also more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

“#Women have to look after their families’ health, and they have to look after cleanliness and can get looked down upon if they are not doing it right.”

Sun, Feb 28, 2021, 06:01
Motoko Rich, Hikari Hida
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In one widely publicised account, a 30-something woman who had been recuperating from the virus at home killed herself. The Japanese media seized on her note expressing anguish over the possibility that she had infected others and caused them trouble, while experts questioned whether shame may have driven her to despair.

We don’t basically support you if you are not ‘one of us’
“Unfortunately, the current tendency is to blame the victim,” said Michiko Ueda, an associate professor of political science at Waseda University in Tokyo who has researched suicide. Ueda found in surveys last year that 40 per cent of respondents worried about social pressure if they contracted the virus. “We don’t basically support you if you are not ‘one of us’,” said Ueda. “And if you have mental health issues you are not one of us.”

Experts have also worried that a succession of Japanese film and television stars who took their own lives last year may have spurred a string of copycat suicides. After Yuko Takeuchi, a popular, award-winning actress, took her life in late September, the number of women taking their own lives in the following month jumped by close to 90 per cent compared to the previous year.

Shortly after Takeuchi’s death, Nao (30) started writing a blog to chronicle her lifelong battles with depression and eating disorders. She wrote candidly about her suicide attempt three years earlier.

Such openness about mental health struggles is still relatively rare in Japan. The celebrity suicides prompted Nao, whose family name has been withheld at her request to protect her privacy, to reflect on how she might have reacted if she had hit her emotional nadir during the pandemic. “When you’re at home alone, you feel very isolated from society and that feeling is really painful,” she said.

Other women have struggled with the deep disparities in the division of housework and childcare during the work-from-home era, or suffered from a rise in domestic violence and sexual assault.

Sun, Feb 28, 2021, 06:01
Motoko Rich, Hikari Hida
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The rising psychological and physical toll of the pandemic has been accompanied by a worrisome spike in suicide among women. In Japan, 6,976 women took their lives last year, nearly 15 per cent more than in 2019. It was the first year-over-year increase in more than a decade.

Each suicide – and suicide attempt – represents an individual tragedy rooted in a complex constellation of reasons. But the increase among women, which extended across seven straight months last year, has concerned government officials and mental health experts who have worked to reduce what had been among the highest rates of suicide in the world. The situation has reinforced long-standing challenges for Japan. Talking about mental health issues, or seeking help, is still difficult in a society that emphasises stoicism.

The pandemic has also amplified the stresses in a culture that is grounded in social cohesion and relies on peer pressure to drive compliance with government requests to wear masks and practice good hygiene. Women, who are often designated as primary caregivers, at times fear public humiliation if they somehow fail to uphold these measures or get infected with Covid-19.

“Women bear the burden of doing virus prevention,” said Yuki Nishimura, a director of the Japanese Association of Mental Health Services.

Good for a Woman’s Heart

Women who have sex a couple of times a week are less likely to get heart disease than those who have it once a month. Whether that’s because healthier women enjoy it more often, or because it helps protect a woman’s heart is unclear.

There’s just one little problem: The casual sex straight women are having is bad

Written by Priya-Alika Elias
Updated on April 10, 2019
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Last year, DJ Khaled proudly announced that he didn’t go down on women. He was roundly mocked on social media, but he is far from the only man with a sexual double standard. For example, men are open on social media about their requirements for a “wifey” versus a casual sex partner.

I’d finally decided to swear off casual sex after a string of terrible encounters. As a straight woman who’s been single for most of her 20s, I had exactly zero orgasms — and all with men who would only judge me for it later. And when I tweeted about the phenomenon, I received an overwhelming amount of replies and DMs, all from other women through with casual sex.

When I tell other women I’m taking a break from non-relationship sex, they tell me they understand completely. They aren’t swearing off casual sex because they want serious relationships or because they can’t handle casual arrangements — which is the prevailing cultural stereotype about women. No, these women are saying they don’t enjoy casual sex on a basic level.

There’s no emotional investment in casual sex. Still, emotional investment isn’t a prerequisite to good sex. So, what is it that makes casual sex so bad for straight women?

The most common denominator in the bad-sex stories I hear from women is men who are doing the bare minimum for female pleasure.

I think back to all the casual encounters I’ve had since college, in which I gave men blowjobs while they seemed completely uninvested in getting me off. (I can count on one hand the number of times I was offered oral sex in return: one.)

It’s already well documentedTrusted Source that straight women don’t have as many orgasms as heterosexual men or as lesbian women — partly because cis-het sex often finishes when the man comes.

Since the majority of women don’t or can’t orgasm from penetrative sexTrusted Source, oral sex can be the key to their pleasure. Unfortunately, every woman I spoke to told me the same thing: “The men almost never go down on me, unless I ask for it, and sometimes not even then.”

One woman tells me, “A few men have told me that cunnilingus is something they would give only to a longtime girlfriend — which confounds me since they had absolutely no qualms about oral sex for themselves.” She’s not the only one to have this experience. Astonishing as it sounds, there are quite a few straight men who view going down on a woman as a “girlfriend privilege.”

As one woman tells me via Twitter, the idea of girlfriend privilege is “a license to be less of themselves in bed. Less invested, less giving.”


April 26, 2018
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Truth be told, often women that have grown up with a parent that has cheated wind up being cheaters themselves. Now, it’s really not fair to judge, but you do need to consider the proven scientific stats behind this point.

History often repeats itself because you only know what you have learned in the environment in which you have grown up.


April 26, 2018
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Highly paid women are more likely to cheat; that’s a fact. The same goes for men. There is something about financial security and power that play into the mindset.

When you take a second to think about it, it really does make sense. With money comes independence, and with independence comes the mindset you can get away with things you normally wouldn’t. If your girl makes lots of money and you suspect she is cheating, she is.